Brow Lift: Endotines and Revision Lateral - Los Angeles

Paid 3800 for a Brow lift and was under the...

Paid 3800 for a Brow lift and was under the impression that I would be free of forhead lines. My first consult the Dr told me he was doing an endoscoptic and that I would have 4 small entry scars. I ended up with two endotines that failed and did not work. I went back for a lateral revison. Long story short make sure you know how they are doing the work and beware of endotines. They did not work for me.

Now.. I am out 3800 and have had two operations and still need botox.

It's been several months. I want to know if anything has improved. I had a browpexy that failed and didn't realize that was an option!!! Was I dumb or what?! My new doc is pushing endotines and said he rarely has a problem but people on this site seem to question the effectiveness. Please update!

I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience. :( Do you mind sharing your doctor's name?

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Name not provided

Did not cleary explain what the method was. Had no clue I was getting endotines.

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