Sharp Pain on Left Breast After Saline Implants - Los Angeles

I had my breast implants done 3 days ago and...

I had my breast implants done 3 days ago and beginning the second day (after the anesthesia wore off), I started to feel a very sharp pain like an electrical shock on my left breast. The pain occurs mostly from waking up in the morning or from a nap. I have to sit for about a minute in order for me to catch my breath. Once I'm up walking or sitting on a couch, the pain goes on and off. My right breast feels perfectly fine. I wonder if they had to do more work on my left breast which resulted in a more painful recovery on that particular side? In addition, the size I settled for is 425cc. Before surgery, I was 32A, maybe even smaller as I'm only 5'0 weighing at 97 pounds. Could the implants be too large for me?


Has the pain subsided? How are you healing?

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Hi Kendra -- Welcome to the RealSelf community. I've also added your question to our Doctor Q&A Forum so you can get some professional opinions on the pain you're having. Hope you feel better soon!

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