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I had my implants implode. Had another surgery to...

I had my implants implode. Had another surgery to remove them. A year later put in new ones. Now, 5 months later have a mass on each side under the nipple area, and my lymph nodes on the left breasts (2) are swollen due to silicone again. Could I be allergic to the silicone implants as I am in much pain with burning, and both breasts due hurt constantly? What are your recommendations and who has had this happen? I have had keloids develop under my breasts due to the removal of the last implants which caused much discomfort. Help?

I'm really sorry you've had to go through this. It looks like doctors have conflicting opinions on the existence of silicone allergies. You might want to consider posting this in our Doctor Q&A community. If you posted a photo (which is very helpful to the doctors), you should get some good information.

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I do not feel this is his fault. There was another doctor before him. Not sure that this stemmed from the implants that were put in originally and were in the lawsuit of which I had no idea about.

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