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I have been to a few consultations with different...

I have been to a few consultations with different doctors, and one doctor said she prefers silicone and that she would insert it under the bottom of the breast. Another doctor said he prefers saline and he would insert it through the belly button. I'm confused to which one I should get done. One of the staff members at the doctor's office who prefers saline showed me her breasts and they look really good. To tell you the truth I thought they were naturally hers. The doctor said he prefers saline because there's no scaring.

Also, I need a lift. Has anyone heard of getting a lift through your belly button?


Hi there,

I have never heard of a lift through the belly button. I know implants can be done that way, but for a lift, I think doctors must make incisions on the breast.

Here's a link to information about saline versus silicone implants. A lot of it depends on your body type. Very thin women find that saline tends to ripple more and show through the skin. I think women generally feel that silicone is more natural feeling. But then, there's a whole camp of people who feel that silicone still isn't safe, despite what the FDA says.

Definitely do your research before you make this decision. Please come back and let us know what you decide!

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