Are my Implants Bottoming out ? - Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I got implants July 18th 2011,My PS...


I got implants July 18th 2011,My PS didn't get me to wear a support bra just bandaged me up flat.Now i have notice that the right side is moving out more and when i lay down they both move to much under armpit.I said to my PS that i wonted 2 finger space in-between. I got high Profile Saline,scar under my breast, R 535cc L525cc.I'm now 36 D..I know that the size of the implant makes a big different but it shouldn't move that much.I'm happy with them but just the amount of movement. Should my PS fix for free???I paid for fake boobs.

Hi there,

It's kind of hard to tell exactly what's going on in the photos (but thank you for providing them!). Here's what a few doctors had to say to another RealSelf member who was, indeed, bottoming out.

You might want to consider: 1. Posting this as a question (with your photos) to the doctors on RealSelf and, 2. Contacting your surgeon. If the pocket wasn't formed correctly, there's a good chance he or she will go back and fix it. Not sure what your cost will be, if any.


I'm happy with the size, I just don't like that...

I'm happy with the size, I just don't like that they move that far under armpits and that its hard to get a cleavage unless i have a really tight bra on.
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Told me rubbish when i asked about bottoming out and told me that the ripples on the side can be covered up my making the muscle tighter. Didn't really sit down,with me with follow up.Got the money so thats it.

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