Good for Only 8 Years; Got Sick - Los Angeles, CA

I had implants put in combined with a mastopexy...

I had implants put in combined with a mastopexy after the surgeon convinced me that the look would be better - more full and round. I regretted it upon waking up from surgery, but the nightmare had just begun. I had saline implants, and one of them began leaking a mere two years later. Despite getting them putting under the muscle, my thin frame exposed the ripples at the edge of the implant. They never looked natural.

Eight years later, I began to get sick, inexplicably - losing weight, having ADD-like symptoms, joint pain, and chronic and overwhelming fatigue. I now see a rheumatologist - I have a positive ANA (high positive), indicating an autoimmune issue. I have bloodwork from before my implants were put in that shows I was ANA negative.

I had the implants removed last year to the tune of $8,000 - plus another lift. I'm back where I started, with the small, slightly sagging A cups I had originally. But I'm just starting to get my health back. I wish I had never done this to myself.

Thank you for posting your experience on RealSelf. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I've honestly not heard of saline implants causing autoimmune issues, but we welcome every cautionary tale because you never know who you are helping!

I'm glad you're getting healthy again!

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