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I'm looking to get a bbl from Duran or Yily. I am...

I'm looking to get a bbl from Duran or Yily. I am 33 two kids and happily married. I've thinking about this for the last couple of years but was worried about what others would say, but now I'm ready forget what people think. I'm looking for somebody who has an early surgery dater then august they would like to exchange. The date they offered me was in May. I'm wanna get it done earlier so most of my recovery will be in the spring.


Hi there, welcome!

Have you checked out the BBL forum? There are quite a few posts about switching dates, etc. You may be able to find someone who is willing to switch or is cancelling.

Are you taking someone with you, family or friends, for support, when you go over for your surgery?

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Dr Yily or Dr Duran

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