Asymetric Nostrals from the First Rhinoplasty and Second Didn't Help - Los Angeles, CA

I had 2 rhinoplasty procedure done. First in 2001...

I had 2 rhinoplasty procedure done. First in 2001 was done to correct my crooked bump on my nose, the other in 2008 to fix the tip. I think the first doctor never addressed the uneven, wide, nostrils, and second tried to do it but couldn't make my nostrils symetric. Now i have asymetric nostrils and one side of nose/nostril is higher than other.

My nose doesn't feel soft at all its hard from the tip and bones. When I squeeze my nostrals the left side feels a bit softer than the right side with a huge hole nostral. Is there any possible recommendation for my case?

Man your nose still look good. Its just the part on the bottom. But its still minor. My two cents.

I see what you mean. Your nose looks super straight in profile, but your septum looks deviated. Why don't you try posting this as a question in our Expert Q&A community, accompanied by the straight on nostril shot and then maybe a profile photo.

Here's a question similar to your situation (though this RealSelf user is only 5 months post op).

Hi, sorry im so new to this. I am learning how to navigate..Thanks for replying and letting me know whatsup.
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