Very Risky Procedure - Caused Staph Infection and Scars on Face - Los Angeles, CA

Please do not have this procedure done. it is very...

please do not have this procedure done. it is very risky! i had active fx 4 weeks ago and still suffering. i am in my 40's and very healthy. i had reasonably nice skin before the procedure and had active fx because of a few brown spots and some minor lines.

the laser was not unbearable. since then everything went downhill, i followed all the instructions very closely and carefully. one week later i had two sores appear on the side of my face. i immediately went back to the doctor, he was not available so i saw the r.n. she said i needed to see a dermatologist and did not know what the sores were. i went to my dermatologist the next day, he said i had a staff infection! put me on strong antibiotics and that they may cause a yeast infection (what?!) shortly after i developed a yeast infection (1st one in my life).

the infection's finally healed leaving 2 scars on my face, and the rest a blotchy mess! every day i have about a dozen new pimples. it was a big mistake to have this done, tell your friends it is not worth it and there are too many risks involved. it is now one month and i do not go out yet.

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He was not helpful and dismissed the problems

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did your dr give you an antibiotic before your procedure? i started 500mg of cephalexin twice a day and started the med before the procedure. i can't believe your dr wouldn't treat the staff infection that his procedure caused. i'd report him that's just not right. i had my procedure 5 days ago and my results are good. sorry about your infection. i hope the scarring isn't permanent.
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