Good for Cheeks After 3 Weeks of Swelling

After a year of wishy-washy scheduling and...

After a year of wishy-washy scheduling and canceling, I finally had intraoral Radiesse injections to correct my sunken cheeks from weight loss. I did not bruise and the procedure was not painful, but I swelled for a full two weeks.

At over three weeks, one cheek looks fantastic while the other looks lower than the other, leaving an unsightly bag/line of demarcation under one eye. The result is that I have traded 'sunken' for 'asymmetric,' despite having the doctor massage the product twice.

I am sorry that I did this 'to myself' and hope that it lasts only 3 months as I've read that others have experienced.

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Now that my Radiesse has settled I can see that I...

Now that my Radiesse has settled I can see that I had merely been in a panic over what was the swelling period.

Now that it has settled it looks fine---good, even! I would do it again but perhaps more gradually than 1 syringe per cheek.


About 8 weeks, I suppose; though there was incremental improvement throughout that time period. The doctor can mold the product with his/her fingers outside of the cheeks if you still have concerns in a week. Best, JD
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I'm curious when you had this done (these posts don't show original post dates). I'm glad you are happy with the results as of 2/27/09. I had the same procedure performed last night (8/27/09) and am also asymetrical. One cheek looks great and the other is pretty puffy and feels different, also a little bruising. I believe it is due to swelling on the one side and not becuase of too much product. Just wondering how much time it took for yours to settle down.
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