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Bra Fat "Arm Pit Area" - Longmont, CO

I have only had 1 session so far. But I have to...

I have only had 1 session so far. But I have to warn you that this area is NOT painless. I'm not sure i will continue with the other 4 sessions as I about died in the first session. If I had known then what I know now, i might opt for surgery instead. I can't speak for anyone else but I was told in my appt minutes b4 my session that this is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Basically my armpit was on fire. My husband was in the appt. with me to be supportive but he preferred I NOT have it done at all. I wish others would post about their experience with Exilis on this part of the body. After more research and word of mouth I was told this area DOES NOT get very good results. Unfortunately, I already prepaid. I think I will try to stick it out for one more session and decide whether or not I can make it thru the remaining sessions. To tell you the honest truth, at this point I feel so embarrassed that I am putting myself thru this much pain just so I don't have to hear from my husband "I TOLD YOU SO!" So I'm hoping I can make it thru the next few sessions. My husband thinks I'm crazy for doing it.....I'm starting to wonder myself!

@ IsItVain - I am sorry, but I have to agree with your husband, you would be crazy if you continue to do more treatments. I believe Exilis can be dangerous! Please read my experience:

In spite of all the doctors and spa owners claiming there are NO side effects and claiming how safe it is, I am a patient who has actually done the Exilis procedure and I am having MANY side effects! By the evening of my first appointment, I was in severe pain. I had as much pain as I did after having surgery. My lower abdomen was so swollen, I looked as if I was six months pregnant. A few days later, I found a knot in my lower abdomen. It is currently 21 days after my treatment and my stomach is still swollen and I still look pregnant. The knot has increased in size. To my knowledge, Exilis is FDA approved for WRINKLES, but not for fat removal. It was only approved for wrinkles in late 2009. There is not enough research to truly KNOW all the side effects, in my opinion. I believe there will eventually be a lot of people who will come forward with many different side effects. Most spas and doctors who are making a large amount of MONEY with the Exilis will NOT advertise anything but GOOD results. They have a very biased opinion. I personally, would NEVER recommend Exilis. My health means way more to me than that!
I understand exactly how you feel - I'm doing it for my arms! Do ask for the technician to turn the power down. I take arnica the day before, and on the day of, my session and it really helps.
The technician may need to vary her movements (using massage-like strokes with applicator) to see which works best for you.
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