500cc Saline Under the Muscle Explant - Longmont, CO

At the age of 20 I decided to get 500cc Saline...

At the age of 20 I decided to get 500cc Saline implants. At the time they were fun and what I wanted. Since then I have lost weight and become a much more active person, these big boobs are heavy and get in the way of how I want to live my life. I've been watching this website for a while now and finally gained the courage to admit to myself that I don't want these big fake boobs anymore. I'm really to be back to my real self!
Fort Collins General Surgeon

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Good luck to you! Be sure to post pics if you can.
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You won't regret your decision Boobs McGee, I'm feeling light and lovely these days and I know you will too!
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That's good to hear! I can't wait to sleep on my stomach without them being in the way
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That's funny, I hear that echoed by so many women, they can hardly wait to swim in their stomachs! It is such a wonderful feeling!
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