My nose

At 14 years old I told my mom I wanted a nose job....

At 14 years old I told my mom I wanted a nose job. She told me to wait until I'm 23. 23 years old came and is looong gone and I still feel the same and have the same nose. ATAST! At age 35 I saved the money and the surgery is scheduled for my 36th birthday! I am so excited! I am sooo ready! :)

Its wonderful to have this site available. I love reading and seeing everyones story. I know I'm not alone in this chapter of my life :) We aren't alone...

Ready for a change...been ready for 21 yrs

A new chapter

A nose journey

The journey of my life. Living with disliking my nose is frustrating. I hope my daughter doesn't experience the same. I try to be positive and confident but my nose gets in my way. Recently I discovered my mom dislikes her nose and my sister. I wonder if one day they will decide to change. My grandmother is 85. She also mentioned she dislikes her nose but is too old to change it. My cousin had her nose job a couple years back. Most of the women in my family have bad vision and large noses.

To continue another day....:)

My nose

I'm doing it. It doesn't matter what anyone saids. My boyfriend tells me all the time I'm fine the way I am. This is who you are. Its very kind of him but for 21 years I have dreamed of a different cute nose. I love Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis nose. I know I am not going to look like them. I just want a cute nose. I feel comfortable with the doctor I chose. I have experience enough of life to be confident enough to make this decision. I wasn't born with a silver spoon. Everything I have I have worked hard for including my upcoming procedure. I feel like this is a treat for me. My life has been full of struggles. I have fallen alone on my face and picked myself up. At 35 its time for me to "do me". So regardless of my boyfriends thoughts this is what I am doing...for me.
Some may read this and not understand or some may relate.

Dr. Glen Brooks

Does anyone have any positive or negative experience with this doctor? I felt extremely comfortable with him. He has a great sense of humor and I feel like he "knows his stuff". Also, his staff were all so sweet and helpful. I hope I'm making the right decision. I have read a lot of plastic surgery horror stories. I fear I can be one of those. I guess I'm gave before surgery jitters. I have 6 months til surgery. Along time to wait but once I have surgery its for life!. I'm sure I'll be happy with his work of art:)

Nose or boob job???

I wanted a nose job for so long. Sometimes I think of getting breast implants. My boyfriend thinks its a waste of money doing either one BUT if we are going to spend money on cosmetic surgery boob job is the way to go. It makes sense what he has said if my nose job comes out bad I can't hide it. If my boobs come out bad I can cover it with clothes.Oh goodness! Now I don't feel like doing anything. My nose or boobs aren't horrible. Yeah I have a small bump and my nose is a little long. Yeah my boobs are small. What do I really want? I know people who had a nose job and years later got a boob job. I don't have the money to have both. I really need to do some soul searching. Do I want to go through surgery? The chances of anything going wrong goes with any surgery. I have time to think.

Nose vs Boobs??

Boob job instead of nose job

Honestly I havent done enough research on plastic surgeons who are excellent at doing rhinoplasty. The surgeon I chose has many before and after on breast but not nose. My friend had her breast done by him and is very happy. I don't know anyone who's gotten their nose done by him. I would love to have closed rhinoplasty if possible and he said no. I need to do more research. My boyfriend said we have the money right now for one surgery..get your breast done if you like and we will save for your nose. Also...I will have more time to shop around. This is my face if its worse then now I will be MISERABLE! I want my nose done so badly but I need to not be impulsive. I'm still young. I have time. Thank you for all the honest advice from my Realself friends:) I'll keep you posted.

Boobs Vs Nose

I have once chance to spend money on cosmetic surgery. Boobs vs Nose. I always wanted a cute nose with no hump and not long. I like to have big boobs. I can only afford to have one. I'm 35 and here's my chance to choose a boob job or a nose job. I'm so confused. I want both. I always dreamed of a cute nose. I think it will be fun for me and my boyfriend lol to have big boobs and look nice with sexy shirts. If the surgery comes out bad I can hide my boobs but not my nose. I think of my nose more then boobs. Since i was 14 i wanted a different nose. My boyfriend stresses my about my breast. He saids I am perfect the way I am but if I'm going to pay and take the risk of surgery I should do my breast. My surgery is scheduled for May 28, 2014. I wish I can do both but I can't. Here are some pictures. I need some outside advice:)

Chances we take in life

It's time to take the chance for a positive change. I am mentally preparing myself for surgery. I have way too much time left until my surgerry day. I think. I worry. Oh goodness..I'm such a worry wart. I can only hope and pray for the best:) A new nose on May 28!!!!

More pictures

My goal is to change how pointy and droopy my tip is when I smile. I dislike the side view hump. My front profile is ok when I'm not smiling. Who goes through life not smiling? I love smiling:)

More pictures

I found these pictures today. I really don't like the tip of my nose. My doctor said open rhinoplasty is best to achieve a less droopy and pointy tip. I'm ok with that as long as I don't have a bad scar on the outside.

Rearranged pictures

I deleted some pictures. I kept some I want to share. :)

No support

My bf saids I'm selfish that I want a nose job. I only think of myself. Everything I've done from having our children and all my choices is only about me. My kids, me and then him is what I care about. Thats what he says. He saids he puts the kids first, me and then him. I should feel the same way. I don't feel like I'm a selfish person. He saids he would be supportive if I got breast implants. I don't want breast implants! Heb saids I should use the money to fix our house. I know once I have my surgery he's going to make me feel like crap. Should I do this? I'm so embarrassed and feel guilty for wanting this for myself. I removed my pictures for now. Is is selfish that I wanted two kids, a house, a diiferent job which I didn't work from 9am til 8,9 or 10 at night. He said I wasn't thinking of him only "ME" when I made all these choices. My nose job is another selfish move. No support at all. I'm so fed up of him. I'm fed up of people always treating me like crap. I feel worthless. Yes I know the choices I made he didn't want. Maybe it was a little selfish but its selfish of him to continue to remind of this. I love my children. I don't regret one bit of having them. I am glad I left my crazy job! I'm happy we have our own home. I always lived in apartments. He is so mad at me. I try to make my point but he is a wonderful debater. He should be a lawyer. At the end of our conversation he proves all his points and makes me feel like I am the selfish one. Maybe I need to accept what I have done. I only had good intentions. I feel horrible I forced all this on him. Is having a nose job worth it?

I'm doing it for me.

I don't feel selfish for wanting this change. I told him today"Wanting children, having a house, not wanting a job that I am consumed with, having my nose done is normal desires a lot of women want! I understand you don't but this is what I want. Yes I admit some faults but stop bringing up the past. Its here deal with!" He didn't say much after that.
I'm doing it on May 28. I SHOULDN'T feel worthless, embarassed or selfish! Here I am again. Here is me! My picture.

Recovery thingamajings

Ok what we all probably wish for besides a great surgery experience is a smooth recovery. What items will be helpful? I have arnica gel and capsules, vitamin c, chapstick, vaseline, qtips, peroxide, u pillow, frozen bags of blueberries for swelling, humidifier, biotene mouth spray, honey cough drops, a bunch of pillows, knitting items and remote controller to keep me busy:). Oh yeah pineapple juice and other pineapple products. I have my grandma to help me with kids. She is incredible!....So any other suggestions or must have items for my rhino surgery? I don't like taking pain meds. It just upsets my stomach but whatever the doctor gives me i will take if necessary with some food.

Thank you so very much for all the support on Realself. Everyone has been so helpful! I greatly appreciate it:)

My boyfriend

2 weeks until my surgery and I'm seeing a positive difference in my boyfriend. He asked me when is my preop and surgery. I don't hear the negative comments from him anymore. He hasn't talk about breast implants. I see a huge change in his attitude. Thank goodness! We've been busy fixing our house. Next month and for the next 30 years lol we'll be saving to make more improvements on the house. Our next big project is siding. He is quite a handy man so it won't be too expensive to do this. I'm so relieved and excited. Life is good. It feels better when the person you love and adore is on your side:).

Closed vs Open Rhinoplasty

So I spoke to the PA during my preop about which method would achieve my goal. I want a settle change. I want to still look like my kids mom and the person my boyfriend fell in love with. I like my front profile. Its the hump and the pointy tip only when I smile. The PA said the doctor could achieve this with closed rhino. Which would be ideal for me. Ive read a lot of doctors answers that open approach is more successful for tip work. I don't want my tip too upturned or skinny. I want just a little lift. Well on May 22 the doctor will be available so we can determine the best method for me. Every nose is different. What's most important is the doctors comfort level and skill. He can only determine what will work for me:)

I have 15 days to go!! I rarely get sick and my allergies are under control today I feel a little stuffy and have an annoying cough. Of course right before surgery. I started taking Vitamin C capsules and drinking lots more water. I'll be fine:) I just want to get the surgery over with. I have worrying about it and now I just want to get it done.

Here we go again

My cough is almost gone. Thank goodness. I see the surgeon on Thursday. I hope I get to see more before and after pics. The PA couldn't find any when I saw her. Strange?? I decided I'm only going to do the rhino if the the doctor can be confident to achieve my goals with closed approach if this isn't the case I'm getting my boobs done. I know for sure he is great at breast. I know someone who is happy with results. I can always save very slowly for my nose and find the right surgeon or accept my nose the way it is. I've read many unhappy rhino reviews. My friend had an open rhino and has a noticable scar, hanging columella and uneven nostrils. She saw a different surgeon. I know this may not happen to me. Its very scary, a huge risk and a possiblity. We will see..On Thursday I will have my final answer. IF his philosphy of an open approach sounds convincing and I see great pictures I MIGHT just do it. I don't want yo have regrets.
You know if my bf wasn't so annoying about boobs, boobs, boobs...I probably wouldn't be so indecisive. Now that he isn't driving me nuts. I can think for myself and clearly. Wish me luck!

Plastic surgery simulator

I tried to create a slight slope and upturn the tip very little. How does it look? I feel like the tip needs more work. Less pointy. If it came out like this I would be happy. I have large cheeks so I think too small would look funny.

Closed vs Open

Am I being unrealistic to only want a closed rhino approach? What am I honestly scared of? The visible scar. In any technique anything can go wrong or right.

1 week until the big day!

Super, duper nervous! Yikes! But I am ready for a change. I'm not looking forward to the recovery. I bruise easily. I know I'm going to look hurt. Sacrifices we make to look good. I hope and pray nothing goes wrong. My kids and bf need me. I have a long life to live. I hope my nose comes out really cute. I know its not going to be perfect. An improvement. I've been meditating, praying and thanking God for all my blessings. My life has been a roller coaster. The last 10 years of my life have been the best. My bf has showed me true love. He has helped me open my eyes to reality. He has guided me in my journey of life. He is my best friend. Thank you my love....Reflecting on my life. I've gone to hell and back with this nose. I am ready for a positive change. Good bye with the old. Hello with the new. 1 week to go!!!

The countdown 3...2..1!!

Right now not for me

I decided today not to have the surgery. No boobs. Right now not for me. I need to do more research on surgeons. I may just accept who I am.

Thank you for everyone's support. I greatly appreciate all the love:)

God bless....

I'm going to reschedule

I really want my nose done. Its hard making this decision when money doesn't come easy. When you live paycheck to paycheck all your life. Its very difficult just to give your money away. We can definitely use this money on so many more important things. I'm finding excuses about the surgeon so my decision today would be easier. It isn't easier. I want this so badly. I think this surgeon is the one. I'm going to reschedule tomorrow. My house will still be here. We can save to upgrade it. My little house is 60 years old. It definitely needs a facelift:)

This whole rhinoplasty journey has been so emotional. The cost of surgery. The risk we take. The pros and cons. Its all so overwhelming and makes it that much harder to go through with it. I'm calling the office tomorrow. The ladies are very helpful.

Bad feeling

I rescheduled my rhinoplasty. I now have a bad feeling. I think I'm going to take my business and money elsewhere. The lady I spoke to on the phone about rescheduling didn't seem so friendly as in the past. I felt more like a bother talking to her. I am so nervous about surgery and a million things went through my mind. I got scared and cancelled. I rescheduled for another day and the doctors office is charging me an extra $500. If it was the hospital or anesethia charging extra I completely understand. I am his patient. I may have more procedures or recommend friends and family to him. I feel like he just wants the $$$. I know this is his bread and butter BUT damn he's rich. Hes going to continue making lots of money. What is really $500 for him!? $500 is a lot of money for me. Should I take my business and money somewhere else?

Dr. Glen Brooks lost me

One bad egg made the whole place rotten. I call it a blessing. Before I gave all my hard earn money. Before I sacrificed my nose. I listened to my gut feeling. Thank goodness.
Thanks to Zsa Zsa in Dr. Glen Brooks office she saved my life. Her arrogant and cold attitude towards my boyfriend and I pushed us away. Dr Brooks lost me.
She made us feel worthless. I'm glad this happened now vs after surgery. If I would of had surgery and for some reason I wasn't happy she would of treated me like this. I would of had to deal with her to schedule a revision. Most likely she would of been horrible I don't understand how people are able to getaway with treating others like there shit.
I believe in karma.
My advice to my realself friends. Do your research in surgeons! Don't allow anyone to treat you like trash!

Also, I dont think I mentioned. I panicked the day before surgery because I was worried he would do an awful job. The first consultation I saw no before and after pictures. Second no before and after pictures. The third I saw 4 or 5 which the patients after pictures looked like they still needed a nose job (revision). He has 3 pictures on his website which are not too impressive. Maybe he's better with body work vs noses. I definitely would suggest interpersonal skill training for his staff.

I feel fabulous! I made the right choice at the end:)

A blessing in disguise

This experience has opened my eyes. I am beautiful within my heart, soul and my body. I don't need elective rhinoplasty or any other surgery to be this. I am blessed with beauty. I am far from perfect but that's ok. My kids are healthy, my love of my life (boyfriend) is healthy and I'm healthy. What more should I ask for. I feel peace, closure today. Since I was 14 I wanted a new nose. I wanted bigger breast and a cute nose. I have something more than that at 35. I have so much love. Why should I risk something bad happening from an elective surgery. Why should I put the people I love through that. They love me for me. With All my imperfections I am loved!
It was a blessing in disguise that I was treated crappy at the surgeons office
It was a blessing I listened to my gut feeling about the surgery.

Now that I feel at peace with how I look. I can now truly focus on what matters. My children, my boyfriend...our little home:)

Thank you for everyone on this site. I wish everyone peace, love and happiness.

God Bless

Appreciate the little things in life

I feel at peace. Thank you:)

Research and not feeling selfish

I still would like to get my hump fixed. I don't want or need a huge change. I'm definitely not in any rush to run to any doctor. I'm am researching. Going to consultations with different doctors untilI am 100% comfortable.

I decided with the money saved for my surgery to do some work on my house and spend it on my family. Now I'm down to $0 saved which is ok. I gave myself a 5 year plan. It sounds like a long time but in reality it isn't. I can save and research during this time. I'd rather take longer to find a good doctor then be consumed for a long time with a unhappy nose.

My children and my boyfriend (husband) lol 10 years other half, significant other.... come first. I feel better overall spending money on them and our house. So when I do have my surgery I will not one bit feel selfish. No one can say that. They can just say "WOW she did her research and she looks great!" And I can smile with joy:)

This is what responsible, selfless moms (adults) do. I feel good with me.

Has anyone had surgery by Dr. Bentkover?

Searching for the right one for me. His website is outstanding! His credentials and reviews are excellent. I love, love his before and after pictures! Can he be the one? Well, I'm going to schedule a consultation.

Change of heart for now

My bf and I were talking. He feels really bad that I didn't get my nose done or breast but he's glad I made the right choice not to take the chance with this doctor for rhino. I was in tears yesterday because I put on my bikini and hated how it looked. My legs are chubby. My breast are super small. I saw no balance with my big butt lol and little breast. He sat with me and rubbed my back. He talked to me about things I can do to look and feel better about myself. I love to bake so I need to stop eating all my baked goods:). I need to walk more, exercise and eat healthier. Then he asked, "What will truly make you happy right now?" I said a nose job and bigger breast. He made a deal with me. He's going to pay for my breast to be done for October. Then we are going to save and do lots of research for my nose. I want both. I always have. I've stressed so much over the last few months over my nose. I decided to step back and research. Rhinoplasty is a very complex surgery. I need time to find the right doctor and save.

I know you must be thinking why not use the money now for my nose but I feel like my self esteem can benefit more with larger breast. Also its much easier to find a good breast implant surgeon vs rhinoplasty surgeon.

Before I'm 40 i'll have my breast and nose done :) What I always dreamed of.

Rhino consultation

On July 17 I will meet with Dr. John Griggs. I like his before and after pics on his website. I hope he has more rhino pictures during my consultation. The receptionist was really helpful, imformative and friendly to me and my bf. That's a good sign. My boyfriend called about my boobs lol. I'm going to talk about both ......but....I am truly only interested in my nose. Of course bf isn't too supportive. There might a chance he will pay the surgery. If not I'm saving my pennies.

A whole new ball game

I had a cat scan and the results showed I have a deviated septum. Since high school I have had trouble breathing, snoring and allergies. I found out I am allergic to so many evironmental things. My doctor wants to wait 6 months until he does any surgery. I'm swollen due to allergies. I told him I was planning to have rhinoplasty. He is experienced in both cosmetic and functional so he will be performing my surgery. Dr.Malladi has been an ENT plastic surgeon for 38 years. I've been going to his office for 7 years. My son had his adenoids removed in 2006 by him. Any ear infections he has treated me. I had allergy testing a couple years back but needed to go through the whole process again. He and his staff has always been incredibly respectful, caring and efficient. I have to dedicate myself for 3 1/2 years to have allergy shots.

My mind is racing

Good news my bf is paying for majority of the surgery. He really likes Dr. Jonn Griggs picture gallery. I do too. I'll see him on July 17. I am so relieved he is going to help me! We've been fixing up the house and bought summer clothes. I think by Thanksgiving I should be good to go for it! I haven't seen the ENTs work so unless I see pictures of before and afters I'm going with Dr.Griggs.

I'm still looking and doing research on doctors but atleast I know I dont have to stress on $$$$. I am so ready for my change. I have been riding the bike, swimming, walking on the treadmill and watching what I eat. I want to lose 20 pounds. My boobs haven't bothered me. BUT my mind is racing about my nose. I want to do it now!! Lol soon, soon be patient:)

Roller coaster

The last couple months have been a roller coaster. My dream to have my nose done will happen. I've gone back and forth on my decision because of other peoples influence. I'm sure some of you realself friends can relate. I tried to truly accept myself for how I am but I am not happy with my nose. I'm ok with my breast. I know I have sounded indecisive but like I said when I have very little support its sometimes difficult to be 100% sure of my decision. My dream since I was a young girl has been having a cute nose. Its time to take the bull by its horns and end this roller coaster so my dream can become reality.

My nose

I am excited to see Dr. John Griggs. I hope he is the right surgeon for me. I hope to schedule my surgery on my birthday October 22:). This was my orginal surgery date with the past surgeon them I changed it to May 28. Which didn't happen. I hope this time around my gut tells me "everything is all good":)
Thank you everyone for reading "Mi vida Loca" Thank you for all the support and advice.

Dr. John Griggs

I met Dr. Griggs yesterday. I felt extremely comfortable in his office. The staff were so easy to talk to. I felt like I can be myself. This was a relaxed enviroment. Dr. Griggs was super open and easy to talk to. He made me feel like a person not just another patient. He definitely knows what he's doing. I think he may be the one but I'm going be patient. I'm giving myself a couple weeks to decide. I don't want to jump the gun. I have a good gut feeling :)

October 14, 2014

My date is set. A month to go. I'm ready for this huge change. I've decided to book my rhinoplasty. A positive change in my face is more important then my breast. The doctor I selected made me feel comfortable. I see Dr. Griggs again for my preop on October 2. I am super excited for October 14! Here starts the count down! :)

2 weeks until the big day

I have all my post op care items. My bf will take care of our kids. I know the house isn't going to be as clean as if I cleaned it but as long as our kids are fine then I'll be resting. My pre op is this week. I'm not nervous. I'm a little concern about bruising. I feel really confident with my doctor. This is why I feel relaxed, almost at peace. This is a life changing experience for me. Change is good.......improving myself from the outside and within. I'm ready for 10/14/14. I'm his first patient of the day. I have a 5:30am arrival time at the hospital. I'll be up super early!! :) Wish me luck!

My last Saturday with this nose

Time for the change. I'm tired of disliking my nose. I've been mentally preparing myself for Tuesday by washing clothes, organizing my house, getting the kids their halloween customes and meditating. Its reminds me a little of preparing for the birth of my kids. This time its the birth of a new nose haha ;)....I am ready. See you soon with recovery pictures.

35 minutes to go

I gave my son and daughter huge kisses before I leave. I hope everything is ok.

Wow I really did it!! :)

Here's a pic. I have a lot of blood draining but not too much to worry. I can see bruising. Yikes! The staff at Mercy Hospital were amazing with me. I greatly appreciate the attention and care I receive. Dr. Griggs came to visit before and after surgery. He is a good person. :)

day 2

Last night was a little rough. My daughter had a pee accident on her bed. Everyone was sleeping so I got up took her a bath and cleaned her bed. This morning I am extremely swollen and briused. My grandmother made breakfast for us and watched my son at his bus stop. I feel really tired. Part of me wants to clean the house but I know I should rest.

3rd day

I feel a little better today. No pain just stuffiness, bruising, swelling and some pressure around my nose and forehead. I slept on and off last night. Today I definitely had more help from my bf and grandma. I removed the nose drip for a short time. I still have some bleeding. My nose looks strange. I'm still happy I did this. I hope I love my results. Time will tell. About 16 months to heal for final results. Patience....:)

more lovely picturess :)

My 3 year old daughter said I look like a zombie. "Walking Dead" here I come. I love that series. Lol


Dr Griggs called me today around 9am. He asked me how I was feeling and gave me advice how to care for my nose. He is very thoughtful. I will see him on October 21. I feel good today. There's moments I feel tired and other times I feel energetic. I'm definitely taking it slow. No laundry or cleaning lol :) I'm glad I chose Dr. Griggs. Just his caring nature makes me feel at ease.

Healing time

Today has been emotionally draining. I look horrible. Bruises, uneven swelling, blood, crust, not being able to smile, cast on nose and the dreaded thought of a bad rhinoplasty. I'm overwhelming myself. Its only been 3 days since surgery. I need to relax. I'm healing. Think positive. It sucks a nose job is a slow process to see the final result.

Less help

I felt great this morning. I told my grandmother she can go home if she wanted to. My bf and her don't get along. I felt the negative tension the last few days. Her help is amazing. The homemade soups, cleaning the house, keeping my daughter 3 year old daughter entertained...My 9 year old is extremely independent. He helped grandma with laundry but we were worried she could fall down the stairs or hurt her back so my bf told her don't worry about the laundry. Now that she is gone I broke down. I saw all the backed up laundry. I was busy walking all around the house doing a little bit of everything and chasing my daughter as my bf slept. Ugh!!! So frustrating. From the stress I started obsessing over my nose. Then...I stopped myself....cried a good cry and I told myself I need to take care of me. He needs to get his ass up and help. I'm not sweating the small stuff. As long as my kids are fed, safe and clean thats what matters. Oh well if the house is a mess. I'm taking it easy again like when my grandma was here. My nose told me to slow down. It felt like it was going to explode from all the swelling. I don't know if that hurt the healing process. I don't think too much. I'm on day 4. Its still very early. Today I learned to pick and chose my battles.

feeling better with more help

Today is a fresh new day. Last night I cried and put my foot down. I told my bf of almost 11 years he needs to help so I can heal correctly. Today he washed dishes, washed some clothes and helped with the kids. I am feeling bettee with more help. The ups and downs of life. Gotta love life! Always think positive. Rainy days will pass. :) Oh yeah he also gave me a compliment...yes a compliment. Haha! "You look more like yourself today"......

So my bruising is more yellow. I have less swelling. No pain. I've been breathing and sleeping better. I was so afraid of open rhino because of the scar but it doesn't look bad. As long as my nose looks good if there is a scar I can always use scar cream or laser to treat it. I just do not want to have surgery again. I know my nose isn't going to be perfect which I am mentally preparing myself. Also I have a long time to go for final result. Wish me luck:)

Feeling 100% better

Day 5 was yesterday. It was the best day.I felt like myself. I looked better. Also my bf treated me like a Queen. My kids were so good. It was the perfect recovery nice. I sometimes forget and expect so much from my bf. He has a lot of health issues. Diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain and anxiety. Its hard for someone to be kind all the time when they feel crappy. He knows he can be a jerk at times but overall he is a loving father and bf/husband. I expect a lot at times when he is in his low. Yesterday he took my feelings in consideration and showed me how worthy I am. Almost 11 years together we've been strong with the good and the bad. It makes ourselves as individuals and as a couple stronger people. We see eachothers flaws and still love eachother. He doesn't sugar coat the truth. I'm more sensitive. Together we create this crazy, amazing unconditional love. Well enough of my relationship.... My rhino recovery...first holy crap!! I did it! I really had my nose done. I wanted this since I was 14!. On Wednesday I'll be 36. Feeling like I'm turning 26. Recovery hasn't been bad. Couple days feeling very sensitive. Definitely tired. Other wise I feel good. Compared to childbirth this is so easy. Atleast my experience. Everyday I'm liking my nose even more. I can see little changes like the tip dropping a bit and nostrils changing shape for the best. This is something I will expect for months.

The only recovery item I didn't use was my humidier. I can breathe better post surgery. Dr. Griggs fixed my deviated septum. Food taste better too. Also I bought soooo much pineapple juice. I have to admit I drank half a cup. My bruising has healed with cold and warm compress. I've drank a lot of water. I eat my normal everyday food in small portions. Not much has changed with my diet. Actually I dont care for sweets right now. I love baking so just imagine :). I losted 5lbs in a week! Hopefully I'll keep it off. Sorry to be blabbing... The recovery items most helpful are cutips, u shape pillow, water, arnica gel, biotene, help and lots of rest. Definitely not sweating the small stuff!
Don't sweat the small stuff realself friends! :)

some pictures of today.

Before pictures

I took these pictures a couple days before my rhino surgery. I don't like how my tio droops. Like a bird beak.

Life and my nose

As I slowly am making my dream of a new,cute nose come true other situations I am faced with. Situations in life far more important then my nose or beauty of any kind. Good health is everything. Unfortunately, We found out yesterday my boyfriend has a heart condition which can take his life. I'm experiencing bitter sweet during my nose journey. Life is a mystery. I hope with the right heart medications and lifestyle he is able to see our children become parents one day. I want to grow old with this nose and him :) I believe God won't give you more then what you can't handle.

9th day cast removal!!

I woke up to a cold, rainy fall day. I got my son ready for school. Made my coffee and got ready to get my cast removed. My doctor was so gentle removing the stents and cast. What a relief! I can smell and breathe so much better. For over a decade I suffered from a contant stuffy nose. I came home from Dr. Griggs office and when I walked in the house my bf and daughter said "look at mama!". My bf said "let me look at you". With a smile he said, " You look great". :) So after we dropped our daughter off at school we went for lunch and icecream. Such a perfect fall day.
Oh yeah my daughter smiled and kissed my hand when she saw me. My son yelled and smiled. He said your nose is shorter. Thats a compliment!
As of today I am so glad I went with Dr. Griggs. He treated me like a Queen. His office assistant Mary ann was very kind and helpful. I feel good. I'm happy and my famiky is happy. :)

20 days

It's only been 20 days since my rhinoplasty. I paid 4700 and I feel like so far it was worth it. I still look like me. I'm glad my nose isn't super small because I don't think it would go with my large cheeks :). I'm a private and down to earth person who prefers to spend my friday night knitting vs at a club dancing. So a drastic change who of been too much attention for me to handle. I kinda like being behind the scences. I love my side profile. I feel so pretty when I see my nose. My front profile is still swollen. The tip is larger then I wanted it so I hope this is just swelling. My smile still looks weird because the muscle under my lip was cut and my tip of my nose looks large especially when smiling. I read on realself the tip takes the longest for swelling to go down. Our tip of our nose is like a sponge. I can't jugde my results right now. I have 12 to 24 months to give my nose time to heal before I see the final results. Patience is a virtue. My bruising is completely gone and my nose is peeling as if I had a sunburn. I've been applying vitamin e on my nose. I sleep at a 45 degree angle. My tip is super hard and tender. Right now the only thing that bothers me is my weird smile haha! And not being able to wear glasses. I taped my glasses on my forehead yesterday and felt like a dork. It wasn't comfortable. I feel the tip of my nose moving at times. I think that's normal during the healing process. I don't snore or having a stuffy nose anymore. My deviated septum was fixed which makes life a lot nicer. I really had a great post op experience besides one or two days of feeling tired and emotional. I don't feel tired or have any major concerns right now. I see Dr. Griggs on Thursday. I'll keep posted.


My tip looks swollen. When I smile it looks more swollen but my tip doesn't droop. I love how it doesn't droop. Honestly I love my side profile and the fact I don't have a droopy tip. I will be fine if my chubby tip is not swelling. I prepared myself rhinoplasty will not achieve a perfect result in everyone. So I'm ok with that reality.

My bf recently mentioned a couple times about the "boob job". I have no desire for larger breast or to have any surgery. Unless my nose final result is awful I'm done with surgery.

I'm 21 days post op and content with the result of my nose. A swollen tip or not?? Its an huge improvement from my old nose and I'm told its just going to get better! :)
Ladies and gentlemen remember when we have cosmetic surgery we are getting an improvement not perfection. Lets focus on the positive part of our surgery. Just like in life focusing on the bad will make us miserable. Focus on the good. My mantra " In with good, out with the bad". Good luck to everyone who have choosen the cosmetic surgery journey :)

Feeling good today 4 weeks post op

I feel great today with my new nose. My nose is very tender and I can tell it is more swollen in the morning. I took some pictures around lunchtime and I really liked my nose. I didn't want a super tiny, skinny cookie cutter nose. I know I have swelling but so far I like the size. Even if at 4 weeks this isn't swelling I will be content with the outcome.

My nose feels like it doesn't belong on my face. It feels hard and tender to touch. I still use q tips to clean the inside of my nose. My external incision is almost invisible. Dr. Griggs did a wonderful job on my incision. My side profile is perfect for me. My front profile looks cute today but some days the nose tip looks huge. Especially when smiling my tip looks large. My smile is coming back slowly. My roof of my mouthand upper lip are tender. I'm glad he cut my upper lip muscle. I do not see any drooping of my tip when smiling. Great technique to use!

I am so at peace. I feel relieved atlast at 36 I made the right choice to fix my nose.

Anyone contemplating rhinoplasty definitely do it once you feel ready. Always go with your gut feeling when choosing a surgeon. Also understand it takes time for your nose to heal. You'll have good and bad days. Atleast in my experience but overall I am happy :)

The best decision

It been 2 months since my septorhinoplasty. I feel great. I still clean my nose with qtips and vaseline. My nose especially my the tip is hard, tingly and still tender. My nose tip looks swollen. Usually in the morning is when its most swollen looking. My surgeon said to expect the swelling to get better by the 6 month.

I'm so glad I took my surgeons advice on the type of sculptured nose. At first I came into his office describing to the surgeon I wanted a slight slope and upturned nose. I'm glad he advised me to have a straight profile. I see many women with slopes and upturned noses and to me it looks surgical, unnatural and over done. My results suit my face and is natural. It looks like a tune up at the age of 36. A natural result. I love Mila Kunis nose but her nose wouldn't fit my face. Kim Kardashias nose looks more like something that would suit my face. The straight profile is sexier and natural. Each individual has their own opinion of what they like. Choosing my surgeon was the best decision. He guided me and created a natural look for me.

The best part is after years of discussions, arguments and frustration about my rhinoplasty with my bf he only saids postive things. He told his friends I look good and I don't snore anymore! Haha! Awww so nice:)

Swollen nose

My nose tip is swollen. I feel less patient today. I know it takes a year or so for swelling to go down. I tell myself to hang in there. My surgery is over, the recovery is over and now is waiting for the final result.

Over analyzing

This month has been a rough month for me. The holidays, cold weather and over analyzing my nose. I need to stop staring at pictures and in the mirror. I need to look at the pros so far. My fear of open rhinoplasty were visible external incision, hanging columella and pig like nose. I am thankful this isn't my situation. My surgeon was very meticulous with the incision. I communicated my concerns with him and he listened.

I am only 9 weeks post op and stressed about how big my nose tip looks. It could be swelling or it could be the final result but regardless it does look better than before. I forget how my nose looked before. I remember how much I disliked my nose when I find an old picture. Whoa! What an improvement :)

Feeling down

I'm feeling a little down today. My nose tip is bothering me. I hope it gets shorter. I have a feeling this is it. I did tell my doctor I didn't want to look like a who character from the Dr. Suess books lol he listened but I feel like it could be a little shorter. My smile isn't back which i miss. I see my surgeon tomorrow. We'll see what he saids.

A new day

Today is a new day. I'm 3 months post op of having rhinoplasty. I have been way too critical on myself. My nose isn't perfect which has been bothering me. Thanks to all the positive advice and comments by my realself friends I am feeling much better today. This process of waiting for my final result is much harder than my recovery. This is the long healing process. I found some before pictures on my phone. These pictures are a reminder of how good of a job Dr. Griggs transformed my nose. Let today be a good nose day:)

Thank realself friends for helping me through this journey. To be continued...

3 month post op visit

My surgeon was very satisfied so far with my results. He said its a good thing my nose still feels sore, sensitive and tingly. That is a sign its still healing. He said swelling will go down between 6 to 12 months. He took pictures of my nose. I discussed with him any concerns I had like the nose tip. My follow up appointment is in 4 months. He always puts a smile on my face.

I plan to bring him a thank you gift. I wonder what is an appropriate gift to give to my surgeon and staff. Edible arrangements? flowers?

A whole new light

I've decided not to take any pictures of my nose for awhile. Since I stopped taking pictures I have felt better about my nose. I take a quick glimpe in the mirror and I see my smooth profile, my shorter tip and less flared nostrils. I really love how natural my nose is looking lately. I've gotten lots of compliments from family. I feel great. I am so happy I went ahead with my rhinoplasty.

I noticed little things about my nose. My nose no longer touches my boyfriends nose when I kiss him or my nose bridge or nose tip doesn't rub against my drinking cup.

Since I had my rhinoplasty I gained assertiveness, confidence and inner strength. I no longer feel like I am not worthy. I am not afraid to stand on my two feet and express my thoughts.

Winter time waiting for summer

It's been a long winter. I'm ready to embraced warmer days. Summer time is going to reveal more progress on my nose.

Celebrity noses

Kim Kardashian and Hayden Panettiere are my favorite celebrity noses. Natural and elegant noses.



Good nose day :)

I'm feeling good today. I just finished knitting my hat and tried it on. I think my nose looks cute :)haha! One day at a time. Patience is a virtue. Today is a good nose day!
( I only keep my pics up for a couple hours sorry.)

Wine and hot peppers

Oh my goodness my nose felt like it was going to explode. After a friday night in the kitchen with my bf. My nose was swollen. We were cooking up different tupes of dishes while sipping on wine. I think it was the wine and hot peppers my nose didn't like. That's ok. We had a blast! It was worth the swelling :)

I only keep my photos up for a short time sorry :)


The beauty of no hump

For the first time since surgery I placed my sunglasses on my nose gently. They didn't fit like before. I had a space between the arch of the glasses and nose bridge. It was a cool reminder my hump is gone. The beauty of no hump. I gotta love it. Thanks Dr. Griggs!


I feel beautiful today. My nose feels perfect today. Today is definitely a good day! It does get better.

Feeling down

This crazy nose of mine. I know I'm not alone in this journey. It is so emotional.

Focus on the good

Everything I have experienced with my rhinoplasty is normal. I'm healing and moving forward. I can't dwell on the swelling or angles I may dislike. I had open rhino so swelling is to expected a lot more. I'm focusing on the good. Surgery went smoothly, recovery went well, my nose has improved from the outside in. My tip is shorter, doesn't droop when smiling, hump is gone and nostrils are even. So why complain? Its time to focus on the good. Dr. Griggs did exactly what we discussed. He is an artist. Not only an artist but I love his personality. He listens, is reassureing, is honest and always puts a smile on my face.

I never imagined going forth with rhinoplasty. Two reasons 1. Finacially 2. Fear of surgery going bad. I found a surgeon who made me feel safe and I fully trusted him with my face. I 100% trusted him with my life. I had a positive vibe from my first phone call to his office. He also doesn't charge a lot compared to other surgeons.

Another reason to focus on the good is the most honest and critical person besides myself (haha!) IS my BOYFRIEND. He is only full of compliments and gave me emotional support. I'm impressed :) I know my nose looks good...believe me he would point out the bad BUT he only gives me compliments.

From now on I'm focusing on the good. Reading my review, looking at old photos will remind me I was lucky to have nice results. At 4 months post op I'm still healing. It will only get better.

Thank you to Dr. Griggs, my bf and everyone on Realself who was part of my nose journey. Thank you for your pisitivesupport. I truly aappreciate it from the bottom if my heart :)



I'm scheduled to see Dr. Griggs in May. I decided to schedule a sooner appointment. My left nostril is completely clogged. I can't breathe well. Every morning when I awake I have nasty yellow boogies. Next Thursday he'll examine my nose. I'm also going to bring up how I don't like the length of my nose tip and my nostrils flare too much. I have a feeling he's going to touch up my nose in the future.


Pictures of me today

I feel like in the past few weeks my nose has gotten larger. It resembles too much of my pre op nose minus the larger hump. I see Dr. Griggs on Thursday. I don't think my nose is going to change a lot from 4 months post op to one year post op. I feel a little frustrated today. I spent money my family and I really don't have on my nose. A nose at this point I'm not happy with. Hopefully something will change for the best. I tell myself to think positive. Some days are harder than other days.

I need a lot of patience and....

I need a lot of patience and a positve mind. My nose cleared up. I started using saline spray and a humidifier. I'm feeling better physically and emotionally.

I can make it to my first year rhino anniversary. I have time before making any judgements.

Reminder to myself and others in my shoes."I need a lot of patience and a positive state of mind".

Another good day

I embrace my good days with open arms. A day I feel beautiful is precious.

At this point my nose feels pretty normal. It does feel hard and tender but I'm so use to it. I blow my nose normally. I'm not so nervous about getting my nose bumped by my kids like at the early stages. When I do get bumped believe me it still hurts. Last week I asked my doctor if I can wear glasses. As long as its tolerable its ok. I wear my glasses only if my eyes are super dry from my contacts for about an hour then I can't take it. My nose gets swollen and it does leave red marks with dents. It eventually goes away. I'm still swollen in the mornings and when I exercise.

I told my bf for the first time my nose feels like it looks the same. He told me my nose does look the same except with no hump and it doesn't droop when I smile. I think I still would like to see more changes in the next coming months.

Another positive change is my smile is back to normal. I feel like my healing is going well. My breathing is back to normal. I have environmental allergies so sometimes I get stuffy or have a runny nose due to my allergies. Nasal spray and humidifier soothes my nose. I was seeing some yellow drainage and decided to see my primary care doctor instead of my surgeon. I didn't want to see my surgeon and start complaining about my nose. Its still healing. I need to be patient. My primary care checked me and I have an ear infection and sinusitis. I'm on antibiotics and am feeling much better. This is not related to my nose job so I don't need to see my surgeon until my 7 month follow up in May.

So enough yapping...overall today has been a good nose day. :) Thinking positive......


Todays pictures. Not feeling too hot about them. Maybe my camera phone is playing tricks on me haha!......???

My nose looks the same to me

Thank you ?

I decided to take a break from this site. The less I focus on my nose the better I will feel. Thank you and I truly appreciate everyone's help, guidance and advice. I wish everyone the very best with their journey.?

Thank you ? :)

The question marks are suppose to be hearts :)

Much love to everyone who helped me through my journey. I tried making hearts on my last post but instead question marks appeared.

Well bye for be continued...

Life after rhinoplasty

I honestly feel normal with my new nose. I'm reminded my nose is still healing when I touch it. It still feels a little tender. My smile is back to normal. I'm thankful for. I love my smile and my nose isn't as droopy when I do smile. I still want my nose tip a little shorter and nostrils not to flare as much. This is something my surgeon and I discussed before surgery. We agreed on not doing much to those areas an later with local anesthesia he can go back i. I don't mind him going back in. My nose is not a botch nose job. Its very cute BUT I would like a smaller tip. Maybe in 6 months my mind may change and my nose will look like how I imagined.

I haven't focused on my nose lately. I've been so busy working, being a mom and living life. Now that spring is here :) my bf and I are starting to work on our little home. His health is better. We are trying to eat healthier, think positve and keep track of his blood pressure. Life after rhinoplasty has help me become assertive. I am still "me" but I feel confident. I do feel beautiful.

Although my nose isn't perfect. And yes I am going to most likely have another surgery. It was worth it to me. I chose the right surgeon. I'm thankful for this experience. Just know this is an emotional journey. Life after rhinoplasty is good:)

Some pictures


I love speaking to my surgeon. He always puts a smile on my face. He's so easy to talk to. We discussed different options for my nose. The first to leave it how it is. He made a beautiful and subtle changed. I do like my nose except when I smile. The second option is to do very minor surgery with local anesthesia on my nostrils to have less flare. My nose flares too much when smiling. Third and my last option is to go under general anesthesia to minimize the nosrtil flare, shorten tip and bring down bridge. Recovery will be longer vs my second option.

Most likely I will go with my third option this summer. I trust and feel comfortable with my surgeon. He took a conservative approach the first time. I was a nervous and was afraid to go to drastic. More of a change is what I do want. I'm glad he gave me a subtle look. As days go by I see what bothered me before my primary still bothers me.

I will start a new post under revision rhinoplasty.

The chase

"Chasing perfection can lead to disappointment".

Touch up

Today was my revision. Everything went smooth. I was so relieved to wake up from general anesthesia. It always freaks me out. Now I need to recover and heal. On Monday I get my splint removed. I will update soon. BTW I feel great! The surgeon and all medical staff treated me like royalty.


I am so thankful and impressed with Dr. Griggs. He's been so attentive to me. Day of surgery he came to visit before and after surgery. He called to see how I was doing the next day of surgery. On Saturday I had a question. I spoke to the on call receptionist. He called me right back. I have been so lucky to have such a great surgeon.

My recovery has been great. I'm a little tired. My kids and bf are helpful. I give them lots of credit. It can be stressful for them as well. This time around its smooth sailing for us.

Well...tomorrow is the cast removal day. Update soon.

Day 2 cast removal

Dr. Griggs handed me the mirror. Hello sausage nose. Welcome back weird smile. Planning surgery, having surgery, recovering from surgery, removing cast and now the waiting game. Swelling is so much more the second time. I can see beyond this. I see an improvement.

Icecream was my best friend yesterday. My boyfriend surprised us with a variety of cold, yummy icecream. The kids are glad to see me back. They were excited to get my cast removed. I look like mommy....but with a very swollen nose. That's ok. It's only going to get smaller.

Bruises are fading, incisions look good, my energy is coming back. I am so relieved how smooth it's going.

Now the waiting game :)

9 day post op

My energy is back. I feel normal. My recovery stage is over. Now time to heal. 1 year, 2 year even 3 year's I've read. The nose changes after rhinoplasty throughout our lifetime. 15 years from now my nose may have minor changes. So knowing that I really need to understand any unevenness like my left nostril will change. The doctor said he did a lot of work on my left side. I notice a little extra skin in the crease of my left nostril. He can trim that with local anesthetia when it's the right time. That's my only complaint.

I still feel good. Around my eyes are still dark. My nose is totally numb. I feel like I have a lot more swelling this time around. When my cast was removed during my primary I was so happy. With my revision I was not impressed on cast removal day. My nose look like a sausage. Now 9 days post op I see the swelling decreasing. I definitely like my nose today vs 5 days post op. A lot of changes in just a couple days.

I see Dr. Griggs next Thursday. I will update soon.

Me vs Bf

My boyfriend told me on day 8 I look like a witch. He doesnt like my nose. Besides my creepy smile which will go back to normal in a couple weeks. I'm liking my changes to my nose.

I've been a little emotional because of his comments. I need to be strong. It's is day 10 post op. I have a looping way to final results. I can't be judgemental. So far I feel like all of this has been worth it. My true support is my surgeon and Realself.
Think positive. Be positive is what I tell myself.

Thanks :)


"It's the fact you are changing your face. I don't dislike your nose." He told me.

When changes are occurring in our lives. The people closest to us are affected. I'm in tuned in my feelings but I can't forget his feeeling, their feelings.

Everyone is experiencing the changes.

Sunscreen and Hats

Remember to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen and Hats:) In 6 weeks I can wear my sunglasses.

Break time

As my healing progresses I decided to take a break from Realself. I want to focus on other part's of my life besides my nose. I wish all my Realself friends happiness.

Talk to you all soon:)

Going good

Everything is going good ,well or whatever you want to call it. I'm happy. My bf hasn't said anything negative about my nose. My secondary revision has been a lot more positive experience. Not as emotional. I like the way I look. I feel content. I'm at peace :)

10 weeks post op secondary rhinoplasty

I am loving my nose. I can breathe clear. I love every angle especially my side profile. Im 10 weeks post op so i know i am healing and have swelling. I found some older pictures of before any nose job surgery. I am so freaking glad I did it. I love how i still look like me but much more improved! Thank you Dr. Griggs for helping make one of my dreams come true.

1 year post primary

It's been a year since my first rhinoplasty. My doctor has been pleasant and helpful through this year. I'm thankful I chose Dr. Griggs for my surgery. In July we did a touch up. As of right now I feel great and at peace with my nose. I look like me but improved. I feel pretty :)

Before and after

Before I hated seeing my side profile. My front view never bothered me. Now after my revision I love my side profile. Im 3 months post op my revision. My bridge is still tender to touch. My nose tip is numb. It's still really sensitive if I bump my nose. My nose swells up and turns red if after checking food in the oven. Also my nose swells up after excercising. I know I have more healing to do and it will take longer because this is my second surgery. The worst feeling is vomitting. I felt sick the other day and vomitted ( sorry to sound gross) my nose felt like it was being pinched. It hurt. After my nose was red and swollen. So try to avoid vomitting during your healing process.

Otherwise everything has been going fine. My nose feels different from how it looks. I do still feel irregularities on my bridge but can't see them. It may be swelling, callus or just my bone. We will see in coming months. I forgot to mention my nostrils. I love how my nostril flare less.

My healing process is going normal. My doctor said we are done here. Sounds like he is satisfied with his work. I definitely am :)

before and after

I only keep pics up for a short time. Here are two smiling side profile pics. Very satisfied so far with results. Amazing how a little hump removed makes a huge improvement.

some pics

I only keep my pictures up for a short time.

Signing off

Thank you for everyone's support.
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Griggs is amazing with me. He is honest, understanding and extremely talented. I appreciate the care I recieved from him. He was always available to communicate. I was treated with respect. I love Dr.Griggs work. I made the right choice by choosing Dr. John Griggs :) I am impressed by his interpersonal and surgeon skills.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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