My dream

At 14 years old I told my mom I wanted a nose job....

At 14 years old I told my mom I wanted a nose job. She told me to wait until I'm 23. 23 years old came and is looong gone and I still feel the same and have the same nose. ATAST! At age 35 I saved the money and the surgery is scheduled for my 36th birthday! I am so excited! I am sooo ready! :)

Its wonderful to have this site available. I love reading and seeing everyones story. I know I'm not alone in this chapter of my life :) We aren't alone...

Ready for a change...been ready for 21 yrs

A new chapter

A nose journey

The journey of my life. Living with disliking my nose is frustrating. I hope my daughter doesn't experience the same. I try to be positive and confident but my nose gets in my way. Recently I discovered my mom dislikes her nose and my sister. I wonder if one day they will decide to change. My grandmother is 85. She also mentioned she dislikes her nose but is too old to change it. My cousin had her nose job a couple years back. Most of the women in my family have bad vision and large noses.

To continue another day....:)

My nose

I'm doing it. It doesn't matter what anyone saids. My boyfriend tells me all the time I'm fine the way I am. This is who you are. Its very kind of him but for 21 years I have dreamed of a different cute nose. I love Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis nose. I know I am not going to look like them. I just want a cute nose. I feel comfortable with the doctor I chose. I have experience enough of life to be confident enough to make this decision. I wasn't born with a silver spoon. Everything I have I have worked hard for including my upcoming procedure. I feel like this is a treat for me. My life has been full of struggles. I have fallen alone on my face and picked myself up. At 35 its time for me to "do me". So regardless of my boyfriends thoughts this is what I am doing...for me.
Some may read this and not understand or some may relate.

Dr. Glen Brooks

Does anyone have any positive or negative experience with this doctor? I felt extremely comfortable with him. He has a great sense of humor and I feel like he "knows his stuff". Also, his staff were all so sweet and helpful. I hope I'm making the right decision. I have read a lot of plastic surgery horror stories. I fear I can be one of those. I guess I'm gave before surgery jitters. I have 6 months til surgery. Along time to wait but once I have surgery its for life!. I'm sure I'll be happy with his work of art:)

Nose or boob job???

I wanted a nose job for so long. Sometimes I think of getting breast implants. My boyfriend thinks its a waste of money doing either one BUT if we are going to spend money on cosmetic surgery boob job is the way to go. It makes sense what he has said if my nose job comes out bad I can't hide it. If my boobs come out bad I can cover it with clothes.Oh goodness! Now I don't feel like doing anything. My nose or boobs aren't horrible. Yeah I have a small bump and my nose is a little long. Yeah my boobs are small. What do I really want? I know people who had a nose job and years later got a boob job. I don't have the money to have both. I really need to do some soul searching. Do I want to go through surgery? The chances of anything going wrong goes with any surgery. I have time to think.

Nose vs Boobs??

Boob job instead of nose job

Honestly I havent done enough research on plastic surgeons who are excellent at doing rhinoplasty. The surgeon I chose has many before and after on breast but not nose. My friend had her breast done by him and is very happy. I don't know anyone who's gotten their nose done by him. I would love to have closed rhinoplasty if possible and he said no. I need to do more research. My boyfriend said we have the money right now for one surgery..get your breast done if you like and we will save for your nose. Also...I will have more time to shop around. This is my face if its worse then now I will be MISERABLE! I want my nose done so badly but I need to not be impulsive. I'm still young. I have time. Thank you for all the honest advice from my Realself friends:) I'll keep you posted.

Boobs Vs Nose

I have once chance to spend money on cosmetic surgery. Boobs vs Nose. I always wanted a cute nose with no hump and not long. I like to have big boobs. I can only afford to have one. I'm 35 and here's my chance to choose a boob job or a nose job. I'm so confused. I want both. I always dreamed of a cute nose. I think it will be fun for me and my boyfriend lol to have big boobs and look nice with sexy shirts. If the surgery comes out bad I can hide my boobs but not my nose. I think of my nose more then boobs. Since i was 14 i wanted a different nose. My boyfriend stresses my about my breast. He saids I am perfect the way I am but if I'm going to pay and take the risk of surgery I should do my breast. My surgery is scheduled for May 28, 2014. I wish I can do both but I can't. Here are some pictures. I need some outside advice:)

Chances we take in life

It's time to take the chance for a positive change. I am mentally preparing myself for surgery. I have way too much time left until my surgerry day. I think. I worry. Oh goodness..I'm such a worry wart. I can only hope and pray for the best:) A new nose on May 28!!!!

More pictures

My goal is to change how pointy and droopy my tip is when I smile. I dislike the side view hump. My front profile is ok when I'm not smiling. Who goes through life not smiling? I love smiling:)

More pictures

I found these pictures today. I really don't like the tip of my nose. My doctor said open rhinoplasty is best to achieve a less droopy and pointy tip. I'm ok with that as long as I don't have a bad scar on the outside.

Rearranged pictures

I deleted some pictures. I kept some I want to share. :)

No support

My bf saids I'm selfish that I want a nose job. I only think of myself. Everything I've done from having our children and all my choices is only about me. My kids, me and then him is what I care about. Thats what he says. He saids he puts the kids first, me and then him. I should feel the same way. I don't feel like I'm a selfish person. He saids he would be supportive if I got breast implants. I don't want breast implants! Heb saids I should use the money to fix our house. I know once I have my surgery he's going to make me feel like crap. Should I do this? I'm so embarrassed and feel guilty for wanting this for myself. I removed my pictures for now. Is is selfish that I wanted two kids, a house, a diiferent job which I didn't work from 9am til 8,9 or 10 at night. He said I wasn't thinking of him only "ME" when I made all these choices. My nose job is another selfish move. No support at all. I'm so fed up of him. I'm fed up of people always treating me like crap. I feel worthless. Yes I know the choices I made he didn't want. Maybe it was a little selfish but its selfish of him to continue to remind of this. I love my children. I don't regret one bit of having them. I am glad I left my crazy job! I'm happy we have our own home. I always lived in apartments. He is so mad at me. I try to make my point but he is a wonderful debater. He should be a lawyer. At the end of our conversation he proves all his points and makes me feel like I am the selfish one. Maybe I need to accept what I have done. I only had good intentions. I feel horrible I forced all this on him. Is having a nose job worth it?

I'm doing it for me.

I don't feel selfish for wanting this change. I told him today"Wanting children, having a house, not wanting a job that I am consumed with, having my nose done is normal desires a lot of women want! I understand you don't but this is what I want. Yes I admit some faults but stop bringing up the past. Its here deal with!" He didn't say much after that.
I'm doing it on May 28. I SHOULDN'T feel worthless, embarassed or selfish! Here I am again. Here is me! My picture.

Recovery thingamajings

Ok what we all probably wish for besides a great surgery experience is a smooth recovery. What items will be helpful? I have arnica gel and capsules, vitamin c, chapstick, vaseline, qtips, peroxide, u pillow, frozen bags of blueberries for swelling, humidifier, biotene mouth spray, honey cough drops, a bunch of pillows, knitting items and remote controller to keep me busy:). Oh yeah pineapple juice and other pineapple products. I have my grandma to help me with kids. She is incredible!....So any other suggestions or must have items for my rhino surgery? I don't like taking pain meds. It just upsets my stomach but whatever the doctor gives me i will take if necessary with some food.

Thank you so very much for all the support on Realself. Everyone has been so helpful! I greatly appreciate it:)

My boyfriend

2 weeks until my surgery and I'm seeing a positive difference in my boyfriend. He asked me when is my preop and surgery. I don't hear the negative comments from him anymore. He hasn't talk about breast implants. I see a huge change in his attitude. Thank goodness! We've been busy fixing our house. Next month and for the next 30 years lol we'll be saving to make more improvements on the house. Our next big project is siding. He is quite a handy man so it won't be too expensive to do this. I'm so relieved and excited. Life is good. It feels better when the person you love and adore is on your side:).

Closed vs Open Rhinoplasty

So I spoke to the PA during my preop about which method would achieve my goal. I want a settle change. I want to still look like my kids mom and the person my boyfriend fell in love with. I like my front profile. Its the hump and the pointy tip only when I smile. The PA said the doctor could achieve this with closed rhino. Which would be ideal for me. Ive read a lot of doctors answers that open approach is more successful for tip work. I don't want my tip too upturned or skinny. I want just a little lift. Well on May 22 the doctor will be available so we can determine the best method for me. Every nose is different. What's most important is the doctors comfort level and skill. He can only determine what will work for me:)

I have 15 days to go!! I rarely get sick and my allergies are under control today I feel a little stuffy and have an annoying cough. Of course right before surgery. I started taking Vitamin C capsules and drinking lots more water. I'll be fine:) I just want to get the surgery over with. I have worrying about it and now I just want to get it done.

Here we go again

My cough is almost gone. Thank goodness. I see the surgeon on Thursday. I hope I get to see more before and after pics. The PA couldn't find any when I saw her. Strange?? I decided I'm only going to do the rhino if the the doctor can be confident to achieve my goals with closed approach if this isn't the case I'm getting my boobs done. I know for sure he is great at breast. I know someone who is happy with results. I can always save very slowly for my nose and find the right surgeon or accept my nose the way it is. I've read many unhappy rhino reviews. My friend had an open rhino and has a noticable scar, hanging columella and uneven nostrils. She saw a different surgeon. I know this may not happen to me. Its very scary, a huge risk and a possiblity. We will see..On Thursday I will have my final answer. IF his philosphy of an open approach sounds convincing and I see great pictures I MIGHT just do it. I don't want yo have regrets.
You know if my bf wasn't so annoying about boobs, boobs, boobs...I probably wouldn't be so indecisive. Now that he isn't driving me nuts. I can think for myself and clearly. Wish me luck!

Plastic surgery simulator

I tried to create a slight slope and upturn the tip very little. How does it look? I feel like the tip needs more work. Less pointy. If it came out like this I would be happy. I have large cheeks so I think too small would look funny.

Closed vs Open

Am I being unrealistic to only want a closed rhino approach? What am I honestly scared of? The visible scar. In any technique anything can go wrong or right.

1 week until the big day!

Super, duper nervous! Yikes! But I am ready for a change. I'm not looking forward to the recovery. I bruise easily. I know I'm going to look hurt. Sacrifices we make to look good. I hope and pray nothing goes wrong. My kids and bf need me. I have a long life to live. I hope my nose comes out really cute. I know its not going to be perfect. An improvement. I've been meditating, praying and thanking God for all my blessings. My life has been a roller coaster. The last 10 years of my life have been the best. My bf has showed me true love. He has helped me open my eyes to reality. He has guided me in my journey of life. He is my best friend. Thank you my love....Reflecting on my life. I've gone to hell and back with this nose. I am ready for a positive change. Good bye with the old. Hello with the new. 1 week to go!!!

The countdown 3...2..1!!

Right now not for me

I decided today not to have the surgery. No boobs. Right now not for me. I need to do more research on surgeons. I may just accept who I am.

Thank you for everyone's support. I greatly appreciate all the love:)

God bless....

I'm going to reschedule

I really want my nose done. Its hard making this decision when money doesn't come easy. When you live paycheck to paycheck all your life. Its very difficult just to give your money away. We can definitely use this money on so many more important things. I'm finding excuses about the surgeon so my decision today would be easier. It isn't easier. I want this so badly. I think this surgeon is the one. I'm going to reschedule tomorrow. My house will still be here. We can save to upgrade it. My little house is 60 years old. It definitely needs a facelift:)

This whole rhinoplasty journey has been so emotional. The cost of surgery. The risk we take. The pros and cons. Its all so overwhelming and makes it that much harder to go through with it. I'm calling the office tomorrow. The ladies are very helpful.

Bad feeling

I rescheduled my rhinoplasty. I now have a bad feeling. I think I'm going to take my business and money elsewhere. The lady I spoke to on the phone about rescheduling didn't seem so friendly as in the past. I felt more like a bother talking to her. I am so nervous about surgery and a million things went through my mind. I got scared and cancelled. I rescheduled for another day and the doctors office is charging me an extra $500. If it was the hospital or anesethia charging extra I completely understand. I am his patient. I may have more procedures or recommend friends and family to him. I feel like he just wants the $$$. I know this is his bread and butter BUT damn he's rich. Hes going to continue making lots of money. What is really $500 for him!? $500 is a lot of money for me. Should I take my business and money somewhere else?

Dr. Glen Brooks lost me

One bad egg made the whole place rotten. I call it a blessing. Before I gave all my hard earn money. Before I sacrificed my nose. I listened to my gut feeling. Thank goodness.
Thanks to Zsa Zsa in Dr. Glen Brooks office she saved my life. Her arrogant and cold attitude towards my boyfriend and I pushed us away. Dr Brooks lost me.
She made us feel worthless. I'm glad this happened now vs after surgery. If I would of had surgery and for some reason I wasn't happy she would of treated me like this. I would of had to deal with her to schedule a revision. Most likely she would of been horrible I don't understand how people are able to getaway with treating others like there shit.
I believe in karma.
My advice to my realself friends. Do your research in surgeons! Don't allow anyone to treat you like trash!

Also, I dont think I mentioned. I panicked the day before surgery because I was worried he would do an awful job. The first consultation I saw no before and after pictures. Second no before and after pictures. The third I saw 4 or 5 which the patients after pictures looked like they still needed a nose job (revision). He has 3 pictures on his website which are not too impressive. Maybe he's better with body work vs noses. I definitely would suggest interpersonal skill training for his staff.

I feel fabulous! I made the right choice at the end:)

A blessing in disguise

This experience has opened my eyes. I am beautiful within my heart, soul and my body. I don't need elective rhinoplasty or any other surgery to be this. I am blessed with beauty. I am far from perfect but that's ok. My kids are healthy, my love of my life (boyfriend) is healthy and I'm healthy. What more should I ask for. I feel peace, closure today. Since I was 14 I wanted a new nose. I wanted bigger breast and a cute nose. I have something more than that at 35. I have so much love. Why should I risk something bad happening from an elective surgery. Why should I put the people I love through that. They love me for me. With All my imperfections I am loved!
It was a blessing in disguise that I was treated crappy at the surgeons office
It was a blessing I listened to my gut feeling about the surgery.

Now that I feel at peace with how I look. I can now truly focus on what matters. My children, my boyfriend...our little home:)

Thank you for everyone on this site. I wish everyone peace, love and happiness.

God Bless

Appreciate the little things in life

I feel at peace. Thank you:)

Research and not feeling selfish

I still would like to get my hump fixed. I don't want or need a huge change. I'm definitely not in any rush to run to any doctor. I'm am researching. Going to consultations with different doctors untilI am 100% comfortable.

I decided with the money saved for my surgery to do some work on my house and spend it on my family. Now I'm down to $0 saved which is ok. I gave myself a 5 year plan. It sounds like a long time but in reality it isn't. I can save and research during this time. I'd rather take longer to find a good doctor then be consumed for a long time with a unhappy nose.

My children and my boyfriend (husband) lol 10 years other half, significant other.... come first. I feel better overall spending money on them and our house. So when I do have my surgery I will not one bit feel selfish. No one can say that. They can just say "WOW she did her research and she looks great!" And I can smile with joy:)

This is what responsible, selfless moms (adults) do. I feel good with me.

Has anyone had surgery by Dr. Bentkover?

Searching for the right one for me. His website is outstanding! His credentials and reviews are excellent. I love, love his before and after pictures! Can he be the one? Well, I'm going to schedule a consultation.

Change of heart for now

My bf and I were talking. He feels really bad that I didn't get my nose done or breast but he's glad I made the right choice not to take the chance with this doctor for rhino. I was in tears yesterday because I put on my bikini and hated how it looked. My legs are chubby. My breast are super small. I saw no balance with my big butt lol and little breast. He sat with me and rubbed my back. He talked to me about things I can do to look and feel better about myself. I love to bake so I need to stop eating all my baked goods:). I need to walk more, exercise and eat healthier. Then he asked, "What will truly make you happy right now?" I said a nose job and bigger breast. He made a deal with me. He's going to pay for my breast to be done for October. Then we are going to save and do lots of research for my nose. I want both. I always have. I've stressed so much over the last few months over my nose. I decided to step back and research. Rhinoplasty is a very complex surgery. I need time to find the right doctor and save.

I know you must be thinking why not use the money now for my nose but I feel like my self esteem can benefit more with larger breast. Also its much easier to find a good breast implant surgeon vs rhinoplasty surgeon.

Before I'm 40 i'll have my breast and nose done :) What I always dreamed of.

Rhino consultation

On July 17 I will meet with Dr. John Griggs. I like his before and after pics on his website. I hope he has more rhino pictures during my consultation. The receptionist was really helpful, imformative and friendly to me and my bf. That's a good sign. My boyfriend called about my boobs lol. I'm going to talk about both ......but....I am truly only interested in my nose. Of course bf isn't too supportive. There might a chance he will pay the surgery. If not I'm saving my pennies.

A whole new ball game

I had a cat scan and the results showed I have a deviated septum. Since high school I have had trouble breathing, snoring and allergies. I found out I am allergic to so many evironmental things. My doctor wants to wait 6 months until he does any surgery. I'm swollen due to allergies. I told him I was planning to have rhinoplasty. He is experienced in both cosmetic and functional so he will be performing my surgery. Dr.Malladi has been an ENT plastic surgeon for 38 years. I've been going to his office for 7 years. My son had his adenoids removed in 2006 by him. Any ear infections he has treated me. I had allergy testing a couple years back but needed to go through the whole process again. He and his staff has always been incredibly respectful, caring and efficient. I have to dedicate myself for 3 1/2 years to have allergy shots.

My mind is racing

Good news my bf is paying for majority of the surgery. He really likes Dr. Jonn Griggs picture gallery. I do too. I'll see him on July 17. I am so relieved he is going to help me! We've been fixing up the house and bought summer clothes. I think by Thanksgiving I should be good to go for it! I haven't seen the ENTs work so unless I see pictures of before and afters I'm going with Dr.Griggs.

I'm still looking and doing research on doctors but atleast I know I dont have to stress on $$$$. I am so ready for my change. I have been riding the bike, swimming, walking on the treadmill and watching what I eat. I want to lose 20 pounds. My boobs haven't bothered me. BUT my mind is racing about my nose. I want to do it now!! Lol soon, soon be patient:)

Roller coaster

The last couple months have been a roller coaster. My dream to have my nose done will happen. I've gone back and forth on my decision because of other peoples influence. I'm sure some of you realself friends can relate. I tried to truly accept myself for how I am but I am not happy with my nose. I'm ok with my breast. I know I have sounded indecisive but like I said when I have very little support its sometimes difficult to be 100% sure of my decision. My dream since I was a young girl has been having a cute nose. Its time to take the bull by its horns and end this roller coaster so my dream can become reality.

My nose

I am excited to see Dr. John Griggs. I hope he is the right surgeon for me. I hope to schedule my surgery on my birthday October 22:). This was my orginal surgery date with the past surgeon them I changed it to May 28. Which didn't happen. I hope this time around my gut tells me "everything is all good":)
Thank you everyone for reading "Mi vida Loca" Thank you for all the support and advice.

Dr. John Griggs

I met Dr. Griggs yesterday. I felt extremely comfortable in his office. The staff were so easy to talk to. I felt like I can be myself. This was a relaxed enviroment. Dr. Griggs was super open and easy to talk to. He made me feel like a person not just another patient. He definitely knows what he's doing. I think he may be the one but I'm going be patient. I'm giving myself a couple weeks to decide. I don't want to jump the gun. I have a good gut feeling :)

October 14, 2014

My date is set. A month to go. I'm ready for this huge change. I've decided to book my rhinoplasty. A positive change in my face is more important then my breast. The doctor I selected made me feel comfortable. I see Dr. Griggs again for my preop on October 2. I am super excited for October 14! Here starts the count down! :)
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

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I'm glad for you. I have been to consults with both doctors in the past and it is a rollercoaster ride trying to decide what's right. I've seen Dr. Griggs tummy tucks and one breast reduction from him and they were all nice ( that's when I had my salon) Good luck with everything :-)
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YAY! I was so sad when I read you weren't going to do it anymore, and then so happy at the end. I think the biggest thing for the "boobs vs nose" debate is that you can make your boobs look delicious with a $50 pushup bra from victorias secret! However, theres nothing you can do, other than Rhinoplasty, to fix your nose. Plus, when you look in the mirror everyday, you don't stare at your chest, you're looking at your face (I think, hehe).
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So true :) thank you for reading my crazy nose journey lol
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So happy for you. All the best and please keep us posted.
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Thank you. I will have pictures of my recovery. I am ready! :)
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A good gut feeling is a good thing!
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Yes it is. I hope I'm as lucky as you:)
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Glad ti hear you like this surgeon. Did you see his results?
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Yes I saw his results but not many pictures. I liked the photos I did see.
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I also cancelled 2 weeks before my rhino! Glad you went with your gut feeling! Make sure whoever performs your surgery is an ENT. The last thing you want is someone to screw up your breathing! I have found a great ENT who will be performing my surgery this Thursday! Good luck! :)
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That is great to hear! I'm glad you understand what I went through with cancelling. I wish you all the best on Thursday! Good luck to you too:)
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Also the "going back and forth feeling" is totally normal! I did that! And my nose was the best feeling of my life
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Aww thank you so much. That was very thoughtful of you :) I'm glad someone can understand.
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Good luck on your journey! Find the right surgeon for YOU. And as support, I'm really sorry. I struggled with support too. But that's what we are here for! I'm sure your hubby will enjoy your new nose once it's on! My bf wasn't supportive at first but now he loves it! Good luck!
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This is a huge and expensive commitment. I want to make sure I make the right decision. Thanks for your advice. How was your surgery?
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Probably medical insurance will cover portion of your surgery fees.
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We will see :) I'll keep updates.
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I recommend trying to lose the weight before considering the breast augmentation. Personally, I think that fake boobs look quite silly and somewhat trashy. Maybe if you lose the weight you want to lose first, you would be happy with the size and it would balance you out? Just a thought :)
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I agree. I was a lot skinnier 10 years ago and my boobs were small. I am definitely going to try to lose weight regardless what I do. Sometines I feel like fake boobs are silly looking.You know......its summer now and I want to look good in summer dresses and bikinis. Also I think I'm just down that I diddidn't do my surgery and yesterday friend had her breast done. I need to focus on losing weight and not worry about others.
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Keep in mind when you remove a hump, from the front your nose looks wider after. I had the same nose as you pre-op. Good luck if you decide to go through with the surgery.
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I think I would look ok with it looking a little wider. Maybe lol
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Actually wider wouldn't be better. Ugh! Rhinoplasty is one if the most complex surgeries. Yes I remove the hump but what I hate that my nose is wide. I need to find an excellent surgeon who specializes in primary and revision rhino. Also who is comfortable and excellent with ethnic noses.
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Very good to do your research beforehand :) and with a plan you will get there in time.
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