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Longer Lashes - Beverly Hills, CA

After using latisse for 3 weeks, I see great...

After using latisse for 3 weeks, I see great improvements. My lashes are noticeably longer and more appealing.

I found the best deal around town after searching for a couple days. I purchased it at a local cosmetologist, they had a great promotion so I decided to purchase it from them.

I just started using Latisse a few days ago and can tell that my lashes have darker pigment in them. :-) I didn't really care for the brushes so I decided to use my Bobbi Brown retractable lip brush since it was still brand new. It actually holds one drop and dispenses enough for both eyes top and bottom lashes along with both eyebrows. Ladies, save some product by getting this brush!! It has a cap to it and will make your bottle last twice as long since you only need one drop for all areas.
You have made the smartest comment I read so far. Happy lashes, Andrea
I agree completely. I am 3 weeks in and already seeing results. I, too, use an alternate brush. I use a new slanted eyeliner brush. Works perfectly and extends the product.
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