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I was born with bad allergies and either had or...

I was born with bad allergies and either had or acquired through basketball injuries, a deviated septum. Beginning in my mid 30s I had a series of sinus infections that seemed to leave me on antibiotics more than i was off of them. Additionally, I started having headaches pretty much all of the time and sometimes severe ones triggered by a loud noise, a smell (perfume was a killer), or a bright light. After much discussion with doctors I decided to do the full roto rooter sinus surgery job when I was 39. The recovery was very painful. 3 weeks of pain killers and little work followed by 3 months of real sensitivity. It took maybe a full year after the surgery for me to feel better. I now feel good, not perfect, but very good. I flush with saline every day and try to get lots of sleep, which is hard with 3 kids.

Calvin Knapp, MD

Good reputation. Good communicator. Good result.

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Be patient and gentle on yourself - you just had major surgery! My recovery was also difficult (I had the complete roto rooter job, too). It took much longer than I thought and, yes, I had the most horrible smell in my head for weeks! I spent 3 weeks pretty much in bed (caught up on all my missed tv shows on NetFlix, though :). Get off the pain pills and just a Dr. approved analgesic as soon as you can and you'll feel much better. Once I started rinsing my nose, the most horrendous stuff came out! It was like alien life forms were living in there. My surgery was 3/31/11 and today is 11/4/11. I still use the sinus rinse daily and literally feel like a new person. I feel that I am almost completely recovered and it was SO worth it! No more sinus sprays, pills or suffering for me.
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I am with you, janieb7! I had the balloon sinus surgery three weeks ago and am absolutely miserable. I still cannot sleep lying down and I still have the worst drainage coming out of my left nostril. This is accompanied by a smell of rotten meat in the left nostril. I would have never had this surgery knowing what I know now. Never!
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I had surgery last Thursday and was back in hospital that Friday night due to excessive vomiting. I had a lot of my drainage drain into my stomach and was eventually throwing up drainage and bile. I was in ER for about 6 hours and sent home with major anti-nausea pills.... My dr. took the packing out Monday and said I could go back to work! What? That was three days ago and I am still majorly congested with roaring headaches and blocked ears that throb all day. He took me off pain killers Monday, which made me vomit anyway but at least made this more bearable in the pain aspect, and I haven't been able to sleep all well in a week. I am still not at work and tomorrow is Thursday again! Why did I not ever hear it could be this bad?????
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