Horrible Procedure! - Long Island, NY

Today I had Zoom Whitening done and it definitely...

Today I had Zoom Whitening done and it definitely wasn't worth it. I only did 2 - 15 minute sessions because the pain was horrible during the second session.
My teeth are whiter but it definitely isn't worth the pain and money from this procedure!!!

I don't think that I would ever do this nor would I tell anyone ever to get this done EVER!!!! Save your money!!!!!!!
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I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with Zoom.  Have you tried any other bleaching techniques or was this your first time using any products?

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No I didn't try any other whitening products I would def. try the at home kits after the experience I had!
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It's a shame you paid so much money and were so disappointed, though.  I just used the trays I got from my dentist and some bleaching gel and it worked great for me, but I don't have any kind of special staining.  It was just regular food stains.  But it also took a while--a couple of weeks, I think.  And there was definitely some (totally bearable) tooth sensitivity.  If you do decide to try something else, I'm curious to hear your experience, since some of the doctors on here say that people with lots of sensitivity will have trouble with any kind of bleaching method.

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