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I Think I'm Finally Ready...- Long Island, NY

So first I need to thank so many of you just for...

So first I need to thank so many of you just for reading your post really helped me along. Okay so after about 4 months of research and 14 years of wanting this done it is finally time! I visited 4 plastic surgeons and I have to be honest each one had great points. I ruled 2 out just because I just didn't get that fuzzy feeling everyone talks about. At first I wanted to rush and pick Dr #1 but I knew I had to see what others doctors were saying. It is tough the last two doctors were really really great. What do you do when you love two doctors?? It was hard but I just went with the first one that got back to me with a date... I am feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Ultimately I think its all about the end result and of course your budget. If you don't have a lot to spend then I would say keep looking for a doctor you love that will give you a price you can afford. Surgery is not cheap but it Is achievable. Hope my post will help someone.


Good for you! I am glad for you that you are taking the plunge after so much waiting and diligent research. You will be so happy! :)
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Thanks so much RockinMom. I need all thhe encouragement Ican get because Im in that guilty phase....and I read tour post I thought I was the only one worried about death. Heck I was thinkin about it on and off yesterday. Glad to know im not crazy!
Just as crazy as everyone else because I think 95% of the blogs I have read were all scared of dying!!! Just keep telling yourself that you are in more danger DRIVING to the hospital than you are getting the procedure!!! And the BEST feeling is waking back up because you know it's done, it's over, you're alive, and now all you have to do it get better! :)
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I found out about my doctor through online research.

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