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I live on Long Island. Please point me in the...

I live on Long Island. Please point me in the right direction. I actually really like tattoos but don't like the one I got or its placement on my leg (I was 17). Any advice would be helpful. I'm looking for a Dr or clinic that is reasonably priced. My tattoo is about 2.5 inches diameter and "tribal" so a lot of black. I heard that's hard to remove.

Hey there, I am checking in to see if you have started treatment? 

Hi Vanessa, I recommend you to go with a dermatologist who uses Picosure laser if you want to get rid of that tribal in less of a year, because of the amount of ink tribals have, a solid black tattoo responds better than others. Search for a good doctor there are few who use Picosure in New York. Best Lasers for me: Harmony XL, Lutronic Spectra and of course Picosure. Good Luck.
Hello Vanessa3, welcome to the community! I understand how it feels when a tattoo isn't the right fit for you so you found the right place for help. The best thing to do is google some local clinics and ask questions about the procedure and if comfortable book a consultation, I would talk to as many different clinics and go to at least 2 or 3 consults before deciding. The Consult should be free, but sometimes there is a small charge. They usually do a test spot and will provide you with more detailed information during the visit. Black ink responds the best, I have been having great results with the black, and mine was very dense. Size doesn't matter, it just impacts the cost and pain (you will be under the laser longer) Are you willing to share some photos of your tattoo? Hope this helps :) B11
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