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Smart Lipo Tomorrow Upper and Lower Abdominal - Long Island, NY

I'm 26yrs old,no children yet. i will be...

i'm 26yrs old,no children yet. i will be getting smart lipo on 01/14/2012.I am currently 206lbs.i'm so nervous!

i live 3 hours away from the facility and they are coming to pick me up and bring me home! that's a plus.my boyfriend will be traveling with me.i don't know what to expect but i am hoping for the best results possible. pics soon. Wish me luck!

dr asare

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oh really :( what about now, has it improved...?
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hi everyone, I must say that I feel like i didn't get what i paid for the doctor told me that he was going to take out 5 liters which is 11lbs and ended up only take out 5lbs, there is a little diffrence, but i wanted more. just get everything in writting b/c once it's done they have your money and run..they didn't even try to offer a touch up or anything. so idk know i guess the pictures they show are not what your going to get.i would love to see your before and after pics!
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Hi, I hope your procedure went well. We have the same doctor. I'm scheduled for this month...Ahh.
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chloe668, did you get the procedure done? if so hope your doing wellplease let me know how you like your results!
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Hi, I was wondering if you are satisfied with your results?
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Hi Roxxi,

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I hope your procedure went well. Please let us know how you're doing!


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