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A mid facelift is a very risky procedure that can...

A mid facelift is a very risky procedure that can cause a multitude of injuries, many of them permanent. I suffered many nerve injuries and other problems. No pictures of my face were taken until just minutes before surgery by someone other than the surgeon thus there was no pre-operative preparation on the part of the surgeon. He appeared to be both rushed and nonchalant. After surgery, I did not get to see the surgeon for 3 full weeks and then when I finally did see him instead of his office personnel my concerns were either dismissed or scorned. I was left not knowing what to do and precious time was lost. There might have been a way to repair at least some of the nerve injuries and thus prevent long term effects such as facial wasting and distortion.
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Hi Everyone, Nerve damage sounds like the most frightening side effect with face lifts. Does anyone know of a doctor whose patients do not get this side effect? Is it a matter of surgeon skill or luck (since they cannot see the nerves when they cut)?
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I'm very sorry for what you've been through.  Hoping it gets better you.  
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Kelsey lee I am so sorry for your pain. As Tara Anne said there are many suffering life changing consequences from Jacono. I have heard now from several people with nerve damage. And your preop and post op care sounds like mine - none. I don't know what you can do for nerve damage but I hope you find someone to help you. To answer jts2505 Jacono doesn't go over any risks. I've asked him specifically when he took cartilage from my ear and he said none which is untrue. He is overconfident. He should go over the risks as many of his of his patients have bad outcomes. I think more often then not.
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I am so sorry for all that you have gone through and are dealing with. It is so not fair and so not right. Please know you are not alone. There are way too many of us out there, it is sickening. I am now talking with 13 people that have suffered and continue to suffer with their aftermath; all by the hands of the same doctor. I wish we chose a talented, caring, honest, ethical, surgeon. One that puts their patients first and does no harm. Regrets! Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate to what you are saying regarding no pre-op appointment, the day of my surgery he asked me,"What are we doing today?" Like he had no clue. By writing this review, you are helping so many people. Today is a bad day for me. Today is the day I was operated on, two years ago. Like you, I have nerve damage as well, under my right eye. This day will always mark the day that my worst nightmare came true. Thank you again for being strong enough to post your review. I know it was hard, but knowing that you are helping others is such a good feeling. Thank you for doing that. It is obvious you care about people too. You are a good person. I wish you peace and healing.
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Hi Tara, I am so sorry for your situation. I am scheduled to see Dr. Jacono for a consultation, but now will cancel based on the reports here from his "casualties". May I ask you if you heard of any facial plastic surgeon who does not have cases with nerve damage? Is it in their control, that is, skill, or is it chance (because they cannot see nerves). Thank you so much.
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So sorry to hear of yet another instance of nerve damage from a mid facelift. I wish more people were aware of potential negative outcomes. What I am wondering, Kelsey, is what your surgeon told you during the initial consultation. Did he say the surgery carried a risk of nerve damage, even though its a small percentage of patients? And how long ago was your surgery? And did you get opinions afterwards from other plastic surgeons?
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