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Stage 2 After TT- the Lipo -Long Island, NY

Ive had a TT on 8/8/13 and Im all healed. The...

Ive had a TT on 8/8/13 and Im all healed. The results were good but i still have an upper belly bulge. The PS said I am now ready for part 2 for the liposuction on the upper abs. I am 61 and scheduled for 4 Feb 2014. Im ready to get this done to have the best result possible. I had very moderate pain with the TT and my incision was clean and Ive had no issues. I would do this again in a heartbeat. The lipo will smooth out some fat that he was unable to treat during the TT. He said it is dangerous to the skin if I have lipo during the TT for the flesh can die (necrosis). I am looking to find some new friends here and gain knowledge of lipo experiences. If I have concerns above and beyond my quick talks with the PS Ill be able to find the support Ill need here. Hi girls!!!

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May do my upper eyes too

Ive been thinking about doing the uppers, at 61 I need a redo. I had them done at 45 and time has passed, so has the skin on the upper lids. I really am uncomfortable doing this again but the eyes are easy. If I don't do it now it'll have to be later. As long as I have the OR and anesthesiologist why not get more bang for my back? Im keeping this a total secret. I am screeching not to have the aging show BUT I will not look like a waxy fake face with a face lift. Ive never really seen a good one.


Sounds good, go for it. I had the lipo three weeks ago. The initial lipo was the easy part. Waiting for eeverything to settle in is the hard part. I look much better in clothes but the lumpyness and swelling get old fast. The CG is as bad as I thought.
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What CG are you in? My dr said I can go into a spanx after 2 wks. Dreading the CG- itchy tight and btutal
Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

Good luck with your procedure, it will be here before you know it! Have you read through some of the other Lipo reviews? They can be really helpful when you're researching.
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Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Dr Glickman and Dr Lukash did a huge TT on me and i look amazing. He is very capable and I trust him completely.

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