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After an extraction of my eye tooth, I had an...

After an extraction of my eye tooth, I had an implant placed along with bone grafting. It never seemed to heal completely and recurring infection (not cultured) and soreness for 2 months, it was removed. I let it heal for 6 months before trying again. The surgeon decided the problem was the adjacent tooth being loose and causing infection and he removed that as well. Another 6 months of healing and he placed 2 implants this time as well as additional bone grafting. For 5 months I let it heal but the pain and soreness never abated and I went for a second opinion. The second surgeon just said to take them out and that the 1st surgeon should have done more investigation as to why it failed originally. I went back to the 1st surgeon with theis info and 2 weeks ago, he opened it up again. The implants were solid but not fullt integrated with bone. Gum tissue had grown in instead. he removed the tissue, re-grafted, and closed witht he hope that the bone might re-grow. I still have pain and discomfort and if that doesn't go away in another month, I'll have the m reomoved for good.

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I am in the process of having implant. Tooth #18. I had a fractured tooth, it wasn't repairable. I had the tooth removed then had donated cadaver bone graft to fill the root structure. This was recommended as being the better option. It allows your own jaw to incorporate and replace with your own bone material. That process was $1,000. It's been 2.5 months now. Had x-rays and the area is completely healed and filled in. Next comes the Implant itself. The next procedure to be done in another month. Total time for healing of the extraction and graft 4 months. Cost for titanium implant and operation, will be another $1,800 dollars. The healing time another 4 to six months. Then the crown. I'll be back and let you know! So far so good. $ 2,800 ... Crown??? Location St. Clair County Mich. Dr. Dale Sweeny, Port Huron Mich.

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I understand your distress. I hope things are finally working out for you. I had so many bad experiences. I finally found a place called The MALO clinic in Rutherford, NJ. They are extremely professional and "high tech," even offering a full cat scan of your jaws during a free consult. Their number is: 877-625-6872. Good luck!

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wow. what a mess.sorry u r going through all of this..good luck!!
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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear how uncomfortable this whole experience has been for you. I can't even imagine how much it must have hurt if your gum tissue grew into the area instead of the bone. :(

I'm glad to hear you went for a second opinion, and are continuing to get care for this. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

Are you having to take pain medicine to get by right now?

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Thank you for the reply. For all of the surgeries, I took painkillers for about a week or less as they didn't do much for the most part. When you involve bone, the pain is hard to manage. After the first week, the intense pain settled into a lower level of chronic soreness that never went away, but I guess you learn to live with it. I had to insist on something stronger this time and it did work a little better. many Docs seem very reluctant to prescribe stronger narcotics even when warranted.

As of now, following the last surgery I am relieved to say that things are looking up. No signs of infection and while I still have a little soreness, it is in a much different area (not as far up the root) and it is improving. It is still by no means assured but I am hopeful they might be saved. The gums did not close so I've been seeing the surgeon weekly to make sure the area is clean.

The second opinion experience was interesting. In retrospect, it was very alarmist. She had me convinced I had Osteomyelitis and needed to go on long term IV antibiotics immediately. Based on the biopsies that the implanting surgeon did there is no sign of infection at all.

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I have a similar issue with the same tooth... the eye tooth or canine. Originally it hurt until my regular dentist took off the temp (it was an immediate temporized where they put a small fake tooth in to hold the gumline). He found the gum growing around the implant too. Then he did a new one and it felt ok for a few months. Now I am back to square one. It hurts like heck. The dentist is thinking because its a temp, it's moving and the gum is growing between the screw and the temp.
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