After Waiting a Year to Decide on Doing a Diep Flap my Date is July 7th 2014 - Long Island, NY

On July 7th 2014 I will be doing the DIEP FLAP...

On July 7th 2014 I will be doing the DIEP FLAP procedure to have my silicone remove after getting CC.
My biggest fair is I was still smoking until one week before the surgery and I have heard that smoking messes with the healing process. Can anyone one advise on that.

After going through so many surgeries I am nervous, but want to have these implants out they are killing me.

You comments will be greatly appreciate.



Hey ! I am under going reconstruction as well. I get my exchange surgery on July 17th...I need these horrible hard expanders removed. Now to answer your question...smoking does slow healing. The healing process, especially procedures like the DIEP require and adequate blood supply to the surgical site. When you smoke, the blood vessels are constricted and it can compromise the blood flow preventing or slowing healing, which eventually will cause the tissue to be necrotic or die. Adequate blood flow nourishes and promotes healing.Smoking also increases your risk for blood clots during and after surgery and there are many other risk factors that play a role in smoking. I am a nurse just so you feel a little more reassured, however it is best to follow what your doctor recommends, and if you don't feel ok with that get a second opinion. I wish you the best and I will be following you ...its nice to know youre not going through it alone!
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Two days before my surgery my doc call to tell me they they found a mass on my adrenal gland which is above my kidney so the surgery had to be cancel, until they found out whats going on with that.

Sometimes God has a way of doing things and I am not going to question any of this.

when to the oncology doctor yesterday and I have to take a couple of tests.


I believe I saw a comment you made that you're finally getting your surgery on 8/4. Can you tell us more in a review update when you have a chance?
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The story behind my glory after having a dbl mast in sept of 2011 I had expanders put in then 4 months later I had silcones out in. A year ago I was dia with capsule contracture in both breast. Tired so surgeries I waited a year before deciding to do the DIEP FLAP. My original date for the surgery was July 7, but they found a cyst on my adrenal gland which is near my kidney. THANK GOD is was nothing. So I am going to do my DIEP FLAP on Aug 4th. Hope this info can help the next person.
Glad the cyst was nothing...phew! I've updated your review to reflect your upcoming August 4th surgery date. Wishing you the best with your surgery and we'll be anxiously awaiting an update to your review! 
Dr David Light

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