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Having my consultation next week very excited!!!...

Having my consultation next week very excited!!! So I have lost a whole lot of weight and my boobs have turned into skin bags!!! They also are very uneven. Just looking for some info on the new Gummy Bear implants, and this 24 hour Rapid Recovery how true is it? Any thoughts would be great! Ty ????????
Wow, congratulations on your weight loss! I had surgery with Dr. Epstein in December 2013. I had Vaser 4D Lipoabdominoplasty with vaser lipo to flanks, back, inner thighs and fat transfer to buttocks. I am so amazed at my results.
I recently had a lift and augmentation with Dr. Epstein. I did not have the gummy bear implants. I went along with what he had determined was best for me which was round mod profile silicone. i am just about 6 weeks post op and have recovered wonderfully. His 24 hour recovery is just as he states it is. I've never met a doctor who is more caring about his patients. I honestly feel that every decision he makes is based on how he can make the surgery as pleasant as possible for the patient. I was able to lift to arms above my head before returning home after the surgery. I took a nap, showered, had dinner, got my kids to bed and was able to relax for the evening. I stayed home the next day and returned to work the following day. I was fine doing my normal activities with only taking prescription Ibuprofen. If you trust and go along with his recommendations, you will recovery quickly with great results. I never wanted large unrealistic breasts. He ended up giving me 286cc which are perfect. I think you will really enjoy your consultation next week.
Here are some important questions to ask during your doctor consult. I have seen many differing opinions regarding rapid recovery. Another member by the name of Lanky is still recovering...you may want to check in on her although I don't believe her recovery has been rapid. Let us know how your consultation goes!
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