Arm Tuck - Long Island, NY

Had one revision of just lipo, still want em...

Had one revision of just lipo, still want em smaller. Overall id definately do it again, but i want my arms smaller. They removed about 5 pounds of skin total, but im still not confident wearing a sleeveless top. I will have another revision, when i have my tummy tuck lipo done. Then im gonna let my body rest lol


Do you have any before and after pictures of the Arm Tuck. Its a procedure that I'm interested in as opposed to the bilateral armlift. I had lipo recently just to get rid of all the fat there to make the Arm Tuck more successful.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

If you don't mind sharing, how was your recovery process? Did you have much pain or downtime?

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