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Brow Lift Gone Wrong - Long Island, NY

I had a brow lift. I just wanted to look a bit...

I had a brow lift. I just wanted to look a bit refreshed not more. It has has been an emotional hardship for me. I am devastated by the experience and disappointed by the out come. I am left with asymmetry and an eternally surprised look on my face. I wish I had never done this. I will be paying for botox to fix the awful outcome for quite some time.
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I am so sad. It left me with a log of asymmetry and a constant look of surprise on my face. My brows are too high. I look like I have mushroom caps over my eyes. One side is slightly higher than the other and one side goes down more than the other. One eye seems to turn up on one end where he pulled the brow higher. I have sensitivity in my scalp near the hairline. It is hard to put into words what I look like. I see others have had the same experience with this doctor. Like others I have to have botox to bring my brows down. I wish I had done more research on this doctor. I am so emotionally distraught. I barely go out. I wear my hair in my face to cover my brows. My brows are above my sunglasses. I look awful.He also never mentioned he would put screws in my head. I wish he had been more informative. I will try to post some photos if I can get the courage to do so.

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I have gone back, several times. He called me crazy. I didn't know what I was talking about. He laughed it off. I had to "heal" .. after a year, then another year , too much to get into. The screws in forehead were just to keep my forehead up while he was operating. Kinda like when an artist paints on an easel they have to use something to hold the paper / canvas up.. Except he was no artist. Taking them out hurt like a.... I have gone to several different plastic surgeons, all them said my brows were too high. The cost to reverse this is also crazy. This is such a nightmare. I would much rather do the botox once in a while then look like a plastic surgery mess. You do end up looking plastic. I used to say I would much rather look plastic then have these wrinkles.... Boy was I wrong. Very very wrong. I have taken the advise from a few plastic surgeons and have been pushing down on my forehead to release it. Believe it or not it has been working a bit. I have some sagging from my upper lids. ( all sagging welcome) I can start to see the "old me" again. Gives me some hope. I have been doing this like 10 times a day for about 4 months now. What can I say, I am despite , whatever helps. Thanks to the Plastic surgeon who recommended me doing this. There may be a little light at the end of this Fkng tunnel.
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well, if he actually used the word "crazy", that's impolite and he was out of line. You clearly are not the only person who thinks your brows are too high. Seems like Dr. Jacono says the same thing to all dissatisfied patients - that it'll take time. But that's not the truth, and he probably knows it. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.
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Thank you for your comments. I had a coronal brow lift/bleph 3 years ago and fkng tunnel is really good descriptive! I can relate to you and sadlydisfigured to well. The pain these doctors have caused isn't something we can discuss, so it's such a relief to have others in this community who are experiencing this. Can I ask, how the face exercises are done? Mine was 3 years ago, so it's probably too late,but I would try anything. I did have a hair transplant this past summer to try to cover up the obvious long ear to ear scar. My doctor also removed about 3/4 inch hairline ear to ear, so it adds to the 'freak' look I have. Lots of tears and prayers. But if we can warn others that seems to help me deal with it a little better. Thanks for any advice on the exercises. Also, will botox help?
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sadlydisfigured, thank you for posting. You are definitely doing a public service by coming out and telling your story, so that prospective plastic surgery candidates can read and see that it's not always a cakewalk and that there are no guarantees. I am sad for you. I do hope that you have something in your life that makes you happy, that gives your life meaning, that enables you to forget, maybe temporarily, how you feel about your face now. Could you explain, though, what the doctor said he needed to put in the screws for? Is that a new technique that he made up, or is it something that is recognized in the community? How did he explain it? And another thing: did you tell him that you were upset with the outcome, and if so, how did he respond.
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I'm so very sorry for your pain. I had same experience and my heart breaks for you.
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Now I am dying to know what that removed post said! I know sometimes I am a little direct and may not seem sympathetic. I am sympathetic but as I said before I am pretty proactive when it comes to solutions.
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Thanks for your support. I'm not sure I will ever get over this or have the courage to post a picture.
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That's okay. If you want to, we're happy to give you an objective opinion, but if not I totally understand.

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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf! I hope you're able to find support here in the brow lift community.

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If you are referring to my comment below then perhaps I am in the wrong "community". Perhaps I will just block the emails from you. I am sorry this woman is not happy with her "after brows". It is very scary to do this at all. Reading many of these messages has just about convinced me that I won't be having a brow lift after all. I am a very proactive person and if I am not satisfied with a product or service I will find a solution as soon as possible. That is why I asked if she had gone back to the doctor. Sorry to see her in such pain.
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Hi. I think you misunderstood. The message that i wrote was removed for some reason and that is why it says that in place of what i originally wrote. It had nothing to do with your post. :)
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Have you gone back to the doctor? What does he say? If he says nothing can be done or that you are crazy-it's fine, get a second opinion. Let us see a picture of you and we will tell you if it is that bad. Remember we haven't seen you before the lift. We will tell you if you look weird or need more work!
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