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Invisalign is long and expensive. Sure no wires or...

Invisalign is long and expensive. Sure no wires or rubber bands. A new technology used as a alternative to fixing correctly. You will need a retainer for life! I stopped using mine, (lost it) and now need to start over.

Go to a reputable Ortho and have it done the correct way.


Hi Riverhead: You did the full invisalign treatment. And, it worked? But, you did not continue to wear your retainer and your teeth reverted back?

Even if you have metal braces, once you have your braces removed, you need to wear a retainer at night indefinitely. It is no different than invisalign. If you don't follow the treatment, it won't work.
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Dr. Genna, Sunrise Dental in Massapequa

DO NOT HAVE IT DONE HERE!! Doctor has NO bedside manners!!!

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