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Very Pleased with Results - Long Beach, CA

Completed 3 IPL treatments and am very pleased...

Completed 3 IPL treatments and am very pleased with the results achieved. The first session is a shock to the system, but the following sessions were much less intense feeling. Results from the first session were noticeable by the third week and the following sessions have further enhanced skin tone and texture. My goal was to eliminate the brown splotches that come with age and IPL works. It has been a worth it. Obtained first session as a Living Social deal, and then purchased a package of two sessions from the doctor's office directly. I am thankful that the doctor offered the Living Social deal as an opportunity to try IPL because the cost scared me off with having no idea what the results would be like.

Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

Friendly Dr. and staff that are passionate about patients achieving excellent results. Jennifer is wonderful- very patient and kind, made me as comfortable as possible through the procedures. She explained everything, is very calm, and thorough. Easy to arrange an appointment and

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Will my face keep getting darker? It is really dark in some places looks like dirt and then the rest of my face just looks tan?
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The dirt or coffee grounds will come off soon. As far as the tan, not sure. It's probably an actual tan from the laser. I would not panic, but I would not suggest you do any more. Hydroquinine (aka obaji or fade cream) should lighten it up, but it should fade by itself like a tan would.
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I had an IPL done three days ago for brown spots and broken capillaires, some places on my face darkened instantly before I even left and are still dark in the same places, my question is when does the dark spots go away and other areas are darkening on my face? I look horrible right now when does this get better?
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After the first treatment, it was a good 4 days before I saw the majority of brown spots flake off. And by the third week, it had flaked and lightened wonderfully. I am sure results vary, but give it a few days. The process is faster after the second treatment. I have not had the issues raised by A.B.Normal, but continue to watch for them. Whatever you do: wear sunscreen!!! I went out without it the other day. Big mistake. Got very red in a short amount of time but didn't burn- had some redness where the spots used to be and it took a few days to clear.
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It should flake off in another week. Try not to dig and scratch at it, it will make it worse. After another week use a gentle facial scrub. I like Clinique exfoliating scrub. About 15 dollars at Macy's but I love it.
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Hi Kristi - I had the same results... at first. My skin looked great, felt smooooooooth and the brown sun spots flaked off. I got compliments from people who said my skin looked great (they didnt know that I had done anything, they were just spontaneous compliments) Then, reality set in a few months later. I started getting clogged pores and little pimples, which of course I pinched only to leave behind deep red and purple scarring as if my skin was so thin the slightest pinch would leave a red mark. It looked like I burned my face with a cigarette. I tried really hard not to squeeze the pimples or do it gently.. but seriously... who can help it right? I also noticed my skin looked a different texture... like a dry lakebed.. I moisturized..(got more pimples of course) I stupidly went for more IPL not making the connection... it was good again... then got worse again... I am confident the IPL fried the thin layer of healthy fat under my face and left my skin extremly thin and prone to clogged pores/pimples. Please please please post an update if you notice these changes and watch your skin to see if anything seems different.
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So glad the IPL worked to clear up your brown spots!! Were they pretty severe, or did you just have a little that bugged you?

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I wouldn't have called them severe, but noticeable. The first treatment took most of them out, and lightened the darker ones to near invisibility. I've been getting a lot of compliments from co-workers who say my skin looks great and yet they cannot pinpoint what the difference is. When I tell them IPL, they are surprised and tell me they hadn't noticed the splotches before, but only notice how fresh my skin looks now.
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