"Hip Implants and Liposuction of the Flanks"

This is actually my second procedure. My first...

This is actually my second procedure. My first procedure included liposuction of my mid-section and arms and fat transfer to the hips. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg performed the surgery in March 2012. I believe I paid around $7,000. I was somewhat disappointed with the results. I don't believe he extracted as much fat as he could have; therefore there was less fat available for the transfer to the hips. Within one month, 80% percent of the fat had dissolved. Furthermore, I still had a slight gut and flab on my arms. I was so depressed. I have always had an unpleasant (imo) figure. I am 5'4'' and my weight has sometimes fluctuated from 130 pounds to 145 pounds (I currently weigh 132 pounds). My breasts are quite large for my frame (34D) and I have always had a round butt (until recent years, when the top of my butt began to sag). However, I was cursed with no hips! I have dreamed (literally) of having hips since I was a teen. So after the first disappointment I made up my mind that I would never give up my goal of having an hourglass figure. I thought that since I tried the fat transfer and received less than stellar results, I would try an alternative: hip implants. I knew it was a rare procedure, but I was determined to transform my lackluster figure. So I researched and researched and researched some more. I finally found Dr. Paul Chugay of Beverley Hills and Long Beach, CA. I read reviews about him (which were mixed) and had a phone consultation a few weeks after submitting pictures of my trouble areas to his office. He was very nice and answered all of my questions adequately. I decided to have him complete my next procedure. The staff was extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Following the procedure, I woke up in tons of pain. However, I alerted the nurse, who alleviated the pain quickly thereafter. The first few days were absolutely treacherous. I literally could not walk without holding on to something (or someone) to brace myself. I was not in much pain, but I was extremely uncomfortable in the hip area. I laid on my stomach for about a week, getting up ever so often to walk around. When the discomfort began to wear off (and I began to walk normally again), I was obsessed with my body. I was in love! I could not believe this was me! About two weeks after the surgery, I showed the results to my friend, who stated that it was a job well-done. She then began calling me Beyonce lol. I'll admit-I was hyped. But.....that was short lived :( It has been almost 5 weeks since the procedure, and the swelling (I hope) has completely gone down. The Beyonce curves I had was due to swelling! I knew I was still swollen but I couldn't decipher between swelling and the actual implant. Now that there is no more swelling, there is a slight difference from the first procedure, but not enough for me to boast of having an hourglass figure. I will be honest, I have lost sleep over this. As I have said earlier, I will not give up trying to attain my (much needed) hips! But...I need help! What should I do? Should I try another fat transfer? Should I replace the implants for larger ones? I will continue to research but I would appreciate it if anyone who has had their hips enhanced could contact me with any helpful information. Thanks!

Anyone know the best doctor for a fat transfer to the hips (and a possible BBL)???

I think I will try another fat transfer (from my inner thighs) to my hips, but I need the absolute best surgeon for the job. ( I think I also want to put some fat in the top of my butt). I am willing to travel! Help me out please! Also can anyone tell me how to block tattoos before i post pictures???
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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ive looked around and have heard great things on bbl about dr. dennis dass from beverly hills.
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hi I had a fat graft bbl last year, it didnt work out. anyway i'v been looking at butt implants in Dominican Republic they do good hips check it out. ....
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I e-mailed Dr. Duran in DR last week, but I haven't received a response. Which doctor are you interested in?
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Not sure of her name. Just look on fat transfer to hips. She is the only one from AZ. Your measurements are pretty nice right now. I would love to see your photos cause 39 inches sound like you have hips to me especially with a 26 inch waist, that is a nice contrast. I am not sure that the inner thighs are going to give enough fat for hips? To hide your tatoos, just tape paper over them. That is what other girls do on here. Cut out a piece of paper big enough just to cover the tattoo. Good luck & keep us posted on your decision. Amelia Girl
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Ok. Thanx! Ill post some pics later on.
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Hi..you have an interesting story. Do you have enough fat to do another transfer? What are your current measurement? 34D, waist size and hip size? Are your hips rounded or straight? Sometimes women on real self post a pic and do to the ask doc section of real self to get the doctor's opinions, that could be an option for you. There is also a girl from AZ on here who had a nice hip transfer.
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I have some fat that I could stand to lose on my inner thighs...my waist is 26 inches and my hips are 39 inches. My hips are rounded at the top, but drastically taper off towards my outer thighs. N thanx. I think Ill post a pic to get more answers from docs. And can you please tell me the name of the girl from AZ who had the hip transfer? Thanks!
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