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Im almost 38, Im a personal trainer... I have 6...

Im almost 38, Im a personal trainer... I have 6 children..last 2 are twins. I work hard.. But there are cerrtain things that no matter how much you work, you cant change. Less Iwant to be 15% body fat, with no soft curves, mostly muscle. And dont get me wrong, I dont mind the muscle. But I just wanna be the finest I can be. It will bring me mad more clients, and alot more confidence. Im 5'5 170 38-32-40. I look great in clothes, I keep the extra weight because I need a booty.. so the 10 lbs. add to me in the butt area and in the belly area too. Uggg!

Ive been wanting this for about 6 months officially. Im going to take my time, because it will take some time for me to get my money together. I do not want to finance, but we shall see how this goes. I expect to spend about 10,000 because I want to get both a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift. I have great expectations. Im a very shaply person and with the right tweaking, I think I can look magnificent.

Im researching, Im in California, so Im willing to travel for the best results. Ive been looking at Dr. Jimmerson and Dr. Salama . I want to be lipo-ed aggressively..

What I want:


back under the bra fat
lower back
upper abs

tummy tuck
fat injected
round booty
heavy at the bottom
more weight at the top
added wider hips

Wonder which Dr. can give me what I want....

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I have an Appointment with Dr. Jimmerson on March 7,2013

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I think your wants are realistic. I know that when I started my research I pulled reviews for Salama, Perry, Yily, and Jimerson. What I know, based on the reviews I have read, are that most are satisfied with Salama's results. He has had a couple (maybe more) of re-do's. So far, I have only read one unfavorable review about Jimerson's work as it pertains to the butt. This was from a girl who claimed that her butt was now flat. She works out a lot and apparently the fat in her butt slowly started to disappear. Regarding Jimerson's lipo, the majority of the reviews says that he is VERY aggressive with his lipo. I chose Jimerson because overall he has received favorable reviews. Not everyone will be happy, but seeing his before an after pictures confirms that he is the right PS for me. G'luck!
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Good luck hun! I was stuck between the two DR's as well. Overall, Jimerson WON me over with the BEFORE and AFTER pics. The pricing is about the same now... I hear...$8800 Salama and $10,300 Jimerson. Jimerson gives you $500 discount paying in CASH so it'll be $9800 if you are getting hips done too! BBL 8900 and hips 900 for Jimerson. Salama is closer to me but I rather fly for the best results. Salama gives great booties too! Just weight out your options and may the best DR win! Keep in touch hun!
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Good luck on your journey hun!! I'm May 17th with Dr. J
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go for it! both doctors r amazing. dr jimerson is perfect at giving big round booties and salama seems to be aggressive in lipo.. best of luck to you and God bless u and ur family . ur a strong woman! im going to jimerson in may.. i want a HUGE booty!
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Thanks Sis, i think im goin for the aggressive lipo from Dr. Salama. I want a big booty too, but I want the curves and the heaviness at the bottom of the booty. Do you live in the same state as Dr. Jimmerson? This will be a worldwind for me.... And im excited! Please keep me posted a out your journey.thanks
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Go head miss thang... It's nice to know that u as a personal trainer being fit still need some work to have your desired looked. I lost 50 pounds and my belly won't go away...smh, it just sags more. These weight program commercial kill me. They show how big ppl use to be, then their skinny...ok what happened to all the saggy skin? I have a personal trainer and he told me flat out...your belly is not going anywhere. Your skin is stretched from having kids 2 c-sections at that...then weight gain and lose.
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Thank you for your relpy.... Yes girl the skin stays... No matter how much I change my diet, its over for this belly, gonna toss it in the trash n get a new one. It makes me feel better that im not the only one goin tru it. Thank you for supporting me sis... i figure where theres a will, theres a way and im excited that this can even be done. Im tryna look as sexy as I feel. I will keep you updated.
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Im right there with you. When u work hard u should be able to look and feel how u want... 8)
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