Vaser HD - Which Surgeon? - London, GB

My mate and I are wanting to get Vaser HD in...

My mate and I are wanting to get Vaser HD in London and have read mixed reviews about different surgeons.

If anyone has any recommendations from personal experience that would assist a lot in choosing the best surgeon :)

Either message me here or send a private message - any help would be great as there's so many reviews out there and really have no idea which are real and which are fakes!

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Hi, not sure if youve arranged anything yet. I had hi-def with Dr Bassi in notts - about 3hrs drive from london straight up M1. He was £10k cheaper than london. Give his practice a call if you want or pvt msg me if you need any info. Consultations with him are free (unlike £100 for Hamlet and £50 for most others). Hope this helps
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Hi, I went with Dr Comins, (Dr Wolf who replied below I think is in partnership with Dr Comins?) I am 8 days post op.. I am writing a blog, when I get brave enough I might post some pics, but feel free to send me a message if you want? I didn't have hi def but just "normal" abs vaser. Are you just restricted to London?

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You should shortlist 3-4, go see all of them and then make your own mind up.....
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