31 Years of Age, Male. I Weigh Roughly 11St and I Am 5ft7 in Height. - London, UK

I'm thinking about getting Vaser lipo surgery on...

I'm thinking about getting Vaser lipo surgery on my lower and upper abs and also my flanks. I'm a little unsure if I am too old for the surgery as most people are in their 20's when they have It done.

I have already attended two different consultations so will really appreciate some advice on what I should do.

Thank you


Hi Kasiaeva, Thank you for sharing your experience. The only issue which I have is I might struggle to get someone to sign me out of hospital after surgery as the person I'll be staying with will be working.
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Hi, glad I could help. I didn't have sedation with mine so I was able to get a taxi home on my own - I was surprised myself but actually felt ok straight after. However if I'd had sedation I would have needed an escort.
Myself and my sister both had lipo at The Private Clinic, each with a different doctor. I had mine at 29 years of age and my sister at 31 - both of our experiences were very good. From what I understood there is no reason why you should have lipo only in your early twenties. I was worried about loose skin (as I imagine many people are) but the doctor was very reassuring and told me the age range of his patients is anything from early twenties to early seventies! He even showed me a before and after picture of a 70-something lady that had lipo on her chin and the skin retraction in the after picture was amazing considering her age and 'before' picture. He also explained that the lipo is a starting point and with good diet and exercise you can really get incredible results. I find the lipo itself did a wonderful job but since I have gone back to my gym schedule I'm refining the results, and my body. My experience with The Private Clinic was great. I met with the doctor for a 30 minute consultation (not an advisor or nurse as in previous consultations with other clinics) and he was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure and offered for me to come back if I had any further questions. I also had a patient co-ordinator who was my point of contact and she was also helpful and reassuring (she had also had the procedure which I though was great as I could frankly ask her what the pain etc. was like and it really helped through the recovery as everything I was worried about she confirmed was normal). The Private Clinic was a little pricier than other places I had been but I expected this as I had done thorough research on the clinic and it's doctors beforehand and knew I was getting the best. I had to wait a little longer than I had hoped for the procedure date but I took this as a good sign - that they are so busy due to the reputation of the doctors, in any case I was not in a rush but I can see how taking the time off work etc. would have caused an issue. I hope all goes well for you - good luck for September! I thought I would share my own experience with you and I hope
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