Removing Three Big Tattoos - London, United Kingdom

I'm going to remove three big tattoos,part of a...

I'm going to remove three big tattoos,part of a 3/4 of a sleeve multi coloured(black,red,yellow,green,brown) and two 15 years old black tats on my back and belly.
The clinic i'm going to is using Hoya Conbio Medlite C6 laser.Has anyone ever tried these type of lasers?I've been told that those lasers could remove almost all colours and they are kind to the skin.
I know it's a long and painful process hope it's worth it.

Hi guys,sorry i didn't post anything but i've been really busy recently.So the treatment,i had 3 sessions on my arm(3 on the black and 2 on the colours) and 4 on my back every 4 weeks.So far it's going well,the black reacts very good,the green and the brown are also getting a good reaction.There is some red which is a bit stubborn but we'll keep trying.Overall it's going alright and both tats faded a lot. The person who's doing the treatment is increasing the power with every session to reduce the number of treatments which means every time is more and more painful. I didn't post any pics because i've lost the original "before" pics but i'll check if i've got any other and i'll post some after the last treatment so you'll see how it's going.
Thanks for the update, I go for my 3rd treatment this weekend. I am treating a rather large tattoo on my upper back, its black windbars with 2 lotus flowers.....fingers crossed I get good results. They started my treatment at level 1 and increased on the 2nd to 1.8...does that sound good? Do you know what increments your levels are increased at :)
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