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So I've been thinking of getting veneers for a...

So I've been thinking of getting veneers for a little while, to go with my new breasts! I literally want to be a bombshell on the beach this summer! Haha.

Anyway, I have a couple of consultations this week- both for a set of 8 veneers with whitening. I've been quoted £595 per tooth, but one company is doing a deal for £3995 for the whole set PLUS whitening- which should actually be £5565- BARGAIN! Anyway, I'll update after my consultation on Friday! (14th Feb)
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Don't do it! Veneers are so invasive, risky and irreversible damaging. The pain, cost and long-term damage is NOT worth it at all. There are many other procedures that can be done to improve your natural smile -- Braces, gum reshaping, whitening, etc. There is nothing prettier and healthier than a natural smile. I'm on my second set of veneers. I first did it out of vanity reasons and then 10-years later redone due to injury. My veneers looks great... my teeth feel awful and too soft. I really wish someone would've talked me out from having it done.
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Hey, how did the consultation go on the 14th?
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Your teeth look beautiful and healthy to me! If I were in your position, I would consider orthodontics (getting braces) as another option. For almost the same price, you can save your teeth from irreversible cutting. :) Since you are going for multiple consultations, you should ask all of your providers for examples of their past work. I tend to be wary of dental work offered at steep discounts. The cost of a restoration heavily relies on the experience of the provider as well as the quality of dental lab used. Just my 2c. Good luck! :)
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Quick addendum, I just realized that I was looking at an unrelated Before/After photo in the upper right corner. Nonetheless, my suggestions do apply!
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Thank you for thinking to document your veneer journey here on RealSelf!  I know you already have a review for your BA but most people don't even realize we do dental topics as well. :)

I look forward to hearing more after your consultation! :D  Good luck!
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