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Smart Lipo on Stomach - So Far So Good

I had smart lipo with aspiration on my stomach...

I had smart lipo with aspiration on my stomach yesterday afternoon and so far im really pleased.

The procedure itself was relatively straight and quick, taking less than an hour. My surgeon was very competent and made me feel at ease throughout. There was no pain during the procedure although i did feel the occasional stinging, but nothing that lasted more than a couple of seconds. Afterwards I was helped into a compression garment which I have to say has probably been the most uncomfortable thing so far (there unbelievably tight!

I had quite a bit of swelling yesterday but seems to have mostly settled today and I can now already see a slight difference. I do feel a little sore today but nothing like I was expecting and settled with a dose of paracetamol, so all in all im happy and looking forward to seeing the final results.

Hi there, i am interested in this procedure as well..how are you results going? was he a conservative doctor in his approach? how had you heard about him in London? Thanks
Im on day 5 now and its all going well. Ive experienced hardly any pain and ive not needed any paracetamol since the first day, although I did find sitting down and getting back up again a little sore for the first couple of days and I wouldn't recommend trying to touch your toes for a bit!! The swelling started to settle after a couple of days and now has completely gone. I had aspiration with my procedure so you see some instant results (obviously once the swelling has gone) today I measured myself and ive already lost an inch from around my lower abdomen. I found the clinic on the internet- do a google search for laserslim at the wimpole clinic and you should be able to find them. Im a nurse so had an idea of what to ask and look for from a surgeon. I had a look at a few different clinics before making a decision and I have to say they were by far the most profesional, friendly and clean I saw, plus no one tried to sell me anything I didn't need or want me to sign paperwork before leaving. After my initial consultation and did any internet search on the doctors and the clinic before making my final decision. The surgeons come over from Italy once or twice a month to carry out procedures, I guess you could say they were typical Italians- layed back relaxed and friendly, but at the same time very professional. The made me feel completely relaxed throughout, explaining everything as they went. Follow up care seems very good too, ive already had 2 phone calls to make sure Im ok and im to email them every 10 days with weights, measures and updates. I also have to go back to see them once a month for the next 3 months for follow up. I hope this helps, I will keep you posted with how im getting on.
Please definately keep me posted! how is your recovery now a week into it? are you able to post pics? are you lumpy at all? i also googled the place, and just to ask is it the laser slim cosmetic treatments in wimpole? the one with the actress who gives a testimonial that you went to? thanks again for your info!!
The Wimpole clinic

The surgeon pioneered this procedure in Italy where smart lipo was first started and has many years experience. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the procedure and has provided excellent follow up.

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