Septorhinoplasty 3 Weeks Post Op - Nose Changing Shape and is Swelling Up Each Day by Day - London, UK

I had Septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago 31st May '12,...

I had Septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago 31st May '12, Pretty much everything was done to my nose, Alar reduction, nasal bones broken to make bridge thinner, cartilage removed to refine tip and tip lifted as it drooped esp when I smiled, a biggish nose for a girl I'd say but quite straight & no obvious hump. The surgeon and I was pleased when my splint came off after 10 days & I couldnt believe how thin and small it looked (I have Medditeranian skin) It has been a week & a half since and my nose tip is getting bigger & bigger I asked for a straight nose I have a slope which I dont think suits me making the tip look even bigger & I look abit swollen in between my eyebrows which I think is more visible now I have a thinner bridge & I still cant breath through right nostril (deviated septum) Is this all just swelling and will it go back to how it was when the splint came off & will my bridge straighten as I dont like the slope. The surgeon said it all went to plan & I trust him but am feeling anxious as I do not like what it has become 3 weeks after op & I paid a lot of money :( I am seeing him again in 6 weeks.

Hi when was your op? It has now been almost 8 months since my op and my nose is looking great :) Such a big difference to what it looked like even up to 3 months ago. I would def say hang in there. Also just to mention on 2 separate occasions I did get my surgeon to inject my nose with a very small dose of kenalog injection (steroid) to soften any scar tissue and reduce swelling quicker which is when I began to notice improvements. My bridge is thinner, my tip is getting more defined and my nose is pretty much straight now. Without being too fussy I would still like to see it more defined and lifted a tiny bit but have noticed that on some days it looks smaller than others but I'm putting this down to weather changes, sleeping pattern and smoking doesn't help either :-/ Sometimes I can breath clearly and sometimes not much different to how I was before. The only downfall I would say is that my voice sounds more nasally which I hate and I seem to sniff a lot more than before but these are things to discuss with the surgeon I guess. They say to wait at least a year plus for thicker skin and this much work to fully heal so staying optimistic. Hope this helps and sorry for the loooong reply. Anything else just ask. Good luck.
Hi there, who was your surgeon? xx
Your review popped up on Realself today and I was wondering how your nose s now? Has the swelling settled down? I had the same procedures as you.
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