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I had a rhinoplasty done in November 2009....

I had a rhinoplasty done in November 2009. Subequently, I develeped a swelling on my nasal cartilage which gave it an eneven appearence. I went back to my surgeon and he re-trimmed and redefined in under a LA. The bump reappeared after a few months again. Then in November 2010, I underwent the same procedure again under a LA with a steroid injection into the nose where the munb was. The swelling in my nose hasn't diminshed and the bump although has not re-appeared fully is still visible as uneveness. I don't know what to do and frankly I'm not sure if my plastic surgeon knows what he's doing.

Hi London,

I'm sorry you're having to endure this. You might want to consider posting this as a question for our doctors and including a photo (which the doctors find very helpful).

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