Bodytite Stomach and Smartlipo Chin

Just had bodytite and smartlipo yesterday! The...

Just had bodytite and smartlipo yesterday! The procedure was very quick I was surprised. Very swollen though and could be a while before I see any results. I look like a pregnant car crash victim!

The compression garment on the chin is really uncomfortable but I am determined to wear it for at least 3 days (recommended). The incision sites are sore this morning so have taken some paracetamol and antibiotics. I have been told to follow a low carb diet to help remaining liquefied fat dissipate. I gather I should also drink a lot of water. I look like I'm pregnant!

Not sure if I should recommend these procedures yet or not, one other surgeon told me smartlipo would not work on my chin yet my surgeon has promised good results, so we will see.

Has anyone else had smartlipo on the chin or bodytite elsewhere on the body?


About Dr Krish Nulliah - I've had this individual, also known as Dr Krishna Nulliah, take money from me for a treatment which has not been provided. He had been using a website for a clinic that no longer exists to take money from members of the public. After contacting Action Fraud and GMC the website has been removed. If anyone has had Dr Nulliah take money from them through a website (Harley Health, or any other) in a similar manner - contact Action Fraud, either online ( or by phone (0300 123 2040) AND General Medical Council. This individual took money from me through illegal means, and will not pay it back. If he has done this to you - report him immediately.
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OMG.....this is terrible ,so many bogus and fraudulent doctors around which is very concerning.
I am in Asia and have undergone Bodytite which is the latest rage with all the clinics/hospitals as of June 2012. From the 1000s of questions i asked in 3 countries, it boils down to this: the machine is quite safe now as there are in built safeguards against burns etc; that it is the most efficient form of lipo because of its skin tightening function that beats smart-lipo; and it is the competence of the doctor administering as much as the technology that assures a satisfactory result. So ask and ask and ask.
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Dr Nulliah Northern Clinic West London

Depends on the disappointed I am so swollen and sore and it will take a long time to see any results about the same as vaser. But at least I don't have to wear a chin garment for weeks on end but I will have to wear a stomach garment for at least 2 months.

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