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Juvederm for Tear Through – London, UK

Hi I'm about to have this procedure done in Spa /...

Hi I'm about to have this procedure done in Spa / Walk-in Clinic in Harley Street West London, UK.
I'm a first timer & very nervous about the mixed reviews I've been hearing post procedure. Also I'm of African descent & I haven't come across many reviews from persons of colour, we sometimes react differently to "colourless" ( sorry trying to be PC but I don't know what the accepted term would be here) persons.
Would appreciate feedback from anyone with similar experiences. Many thanks.
Oh PS: Did I mention I'll be going on holiday in a week, hoping I'll be all healed up by then. . . .
Harley Street

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Did you decide to get the treatment done? Please let us know how it went if so.

Though it doesn't speak to the exact treatment you are having done, I thought this might be of interest to you since you mentioned the way differently pigmented skin reacts to treatments:

When Getting Judged By The Color Of Your Skin Is A Good Thing [VIDEO]

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