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Invisalign - Metal Button for Elastic Has Inflamed my Gum - London, GB

I was wondering if anyone could help. I am now on...

I was wondering if anyone could help. I am now on tray set number 6 and have just had my metal button added on one side so that I can use an elastic to correct an overbite (something I did not know about before undertaking treatment but oh well).
However, I have now had it for 2 days and I this morning could not get the elastic off the button. I eventually tugged it out but now cannot get it back in because my gum has inflamed around the metal button basically engulfing it. Is this normal to begin with? Should I just keep trying to get the elastic on or leave it off and see if the inflamation goes down?
Everytime I try and get it on, it just inflames the gum more and is now rather painful. Do I need to go back to my orthodontist?
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Hi!  Wondering whether the issue with the button was ever resolved?  I hope your treatment is proceeding well :).
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Hello! Yes it did- I went back to my orthodontist and he was stumped at first! Apparently has never had the issue but I have very small gums! I was glad to know I wasn't going crazy. He ended up having to take off the hook and turned it the other way up so I now hook in the elastic the other way. It's now very easy to do which is great!
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Oh!  Well that's nice, that it could be accommodated so easily, LOL!  I wish I could see a picture of the backwards button.  Are you around aligner ten now?
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Hi and welcome to the community!  I'm sorry you're having this difficulty--without a picture, I'm a little confused, though.  Is it a TAD (temporary anchorage device) that is screwed into your jaw or is it just the regular metal button attached to the enamel of your tooth like the other attachments?  I'm just confused because you say the gum is so swollen.  

Either way, I would not hesitate to contact your orthodontist on Monday.  Talking to your doctor is always the right answer!  You pay them, and they want your treatment to be successful!  Every day you spend not wearing the elastic is a day you are not doing your full treatment, so don't delay talking to your doctor.

Meanwhile, I will give you some names of others in the community who have used elastics with their Invisalign, though some have had cut-outs instead of buttons.  

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Thanks for your reply. It is just the regular metal button on the enamel of my tooth. It is my very back molar at the bottom - I then have a cut out on the top set. I have tried for about a long time to get the elastic on but I simply can't (which has frustrated me no end). I think the metal button (it is more like a hook?) is too low on my tooth - it is digging into my gum and causing it to swell up around the hook - I therefore cannot get the elastic underneath it. The more I try, the more swollen and painful it is and therefore the more difficult. Thanks - I will ring them tomorrow - I wondered if it was simply a normal part of having the elastic but I have a feeling it isn't. The trays were hard to get on and off but no way near this difficult and I got used to it. The morning after getting the elastic put on, it got stuck in my bottom metal hook and I had to cut it out!!
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It is not an experience I've read about in our community before, so ringing would be best!  Please let us know what the doctor says....
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