Absolutely Worth It! I Hated my Crooked Teeth for Years

I hated my crooked teeth for years. I had braces...

I hated my crooked teeth for years. I had braces on the lower teeth as a teenager, but not the top for some reason, so at the age of 24 I decided to do something about it.

I had my first braces fitted in may and I am nearing the end of my treatment-they come out in January. I am so pleased with the results. My smile has expanded and my teeth look straight. Invisalign was worth every penny. I feel happier and more confident with my smile.

I was very dubious when I first had them fitted- I thought they'd take a lot longer than the orthodontist recommended. But lo and behold, after 8 months, my teeth are straighter!

I hated the braces at first-they were painful and uncomfortable. I regretted my decision and wanted them out. But, I stuck it out after a a week I got used to them. Then month by month, they became easier to look after and handle.

My teeth look better with them in-they look healthier, so I will definitely consider veneers to even out the shape of my teeth.

I have a brilliant orthodontist. My denist was patient, calm, not condescending like other opions I had) and always available when I needed advice on my teeth. Credit to him for giving me my smile back-he was brilliant throughout my treatment. I owuld recommend him to anyone.

If you are considering Invisalign I would say do your research and find someone trustworthy and reputable. It makes all the difference when you are panicking about treatment, or have any questions.

Hi Boo. Sure. His name is {edited} and his website is {edited}. Alternatively, you can email him direct at {edited}. Tell him Sim recommended you! Good Luck :)

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Hi Hayley, My invisalign treatment cost £3000 in total. My orthodontist was great; he quoted me a single price and that has not risen at all. One of my teeth needs adjusting slightly and he is sorting out refinement trays now-at no extra cost. £4500 does seem pricey-you should check out my orthodontist- at Marble Arch Dental. Type it into google and you should be able to find it. He's a brilliant orthodontist-very honest and reassuring. If you want any more of his details from me please do let me know! And if you do go to him, tell him I recommended him!
Hi Sim I just saw your post on here. I'm looking into getting Invisalign myself (in the next few weeks hopefully) I had a consultation last year with a doctor at Holborn Dental, who seemed ok. I was quoted £2000, but I think an extra £500 for the final retainer on top of that. Do you mind sending me the details or even contact number of your dentist so I can meet with them too, to compare? I have of course tried Googling but there seem to be two Marble Arch Dentals and my virus software won't let me open the page (says it is corrupt for some reason, so don't want to risk it). I've got only minor crowding, so I was told only 6 months for my teeth. Hopefully that should mean a bit less pain! Thanks in advance, Boo
Dr Athyr Al-Killidar, Marble Arch Dental in London

I had the best doctor-calm, trustworthy and always available to help with any worries/queestions. I would recommend him to anyone-a brilliant orthodontist.

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