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Nose Looks Pretty Much the Same, Plus Hard Cartilidge in Nostrils After Rhinoplasty

Had this done for a bump and bolbous tipCons are...

Had this done for a bump and bolbous tip

Cons are emotionally its very hard, and uncomfortable cons are also no change to my nose at present

Pro's are the potential for a good result if a miracule happens

Hi I had rhinoplasty 1 month ago and my nose looks pretty much the same just swollen, i even still have a bump My main question right now (because im praying the bump goes! the skin is thickers and a wee bit squishy over it) is the cartilidge in my nostrils When i put my finger in my nose i can feel a raised area, like a 5p coin in one nostril at the front and in the other a can feel very swollen hard folded catilidge (he folded the cartlidge where it meets tip to stop it being so round there).. is this normal? Ive not heard anyone mention hard catrilidge when they feel 'in' their noses Also one side of the tip near bridge is a hard ball and the other soft, is this just swelling or more likely scar tissue now? Sorry for all the questions
While one month after a rhinoplasty is still fairly early in the postoperative period with some swelling that will resolve, a well performed rhinoplasty should show some good results by then. I assume when you say bump, you are referring to a dorsal hump. Improvment in this should be evident by this time. It also sounds like you had tip work done. While we counsel patients that the final results won't be seen until about a year, we usually see noticeable improvement by one month. You should continue to follow up with your surgeon and discuss your concerns and any intervention strategies.
Hi, Thanks for your reply Yes i still have a dorsal bump but strangely it wasnt there when the cast came off. Its almost as big as it was before but over the bump the skin feels really thick and 'pumped' up (it used to be very thin skin over the bump and more boney) so im hoping it reduces a little. Obviously some of it will still be there as i can see the bones have parted again as that area is slightly wider then the rest of the bridge Is there any chance this is still just trauma on my bump area from the bones being filed/pushed together and it will go down?
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