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I had fraxel done twice 2 years ago and decided to...

I had fraxel done twice 2 years ago and decided to have another session following 2 polaris tightening sessions.

The treatment (tuesday afternoon)was as painful; as before but bearable with the numbing gel. Wednesday morning i was very red snd had a swollen face especially under the eyes and all down my neck was inflamed and very itchy.. my doctor told me not to worry it was normal. By wenesday morning my whole face was very swollen with what looked like pockets of fluid under the eyes and really itchy, again i was told that this was normal and day 3 was the worst. I had had no swelling with the 2 previous treatments and was really concerned.Friday morning not much improvement with the swelling bit the skin was hot and really itchy.Finally my doctor told me that i may have had an allergic reaction and my skin was flooded with histamine! he gave me some topical cream clobetasol propionate..(steroid cream) Within 10 minutes the itching and burning sensation had subsided.3 hours after my face has cooled and is much less swollen.Maybe this has something to do with the Polaris sessions i had 2 weeks prior to the fraxel and my skin couldn't cope.

If it is an allergy, it is not to the laser but to the topicals placed during healing. Aquaphor can do this.
Thank you for your comment.My doctor did put aloe vera gel on my face and hands(which were treated too) however my hands showed no significant swelling and no itchiness etc.. I also had aloe vera after the polaris treatments with no trouble..

Well at least you went to the same doctor so he knows what he did the first time and what would be safe the second. How are you doing today? Did you ask him if it was an allergic reaction? Please keep me updated.




10 days post treatment and allergic reaction... my...

10 days post treatment and allergic reaction... my skin is still a little red/dry on the areas which had the treatments as well as the areas affected by the histamine reaction. My Doctor thinks it could have been the moisture restoring spray he gave me for post treatment...(along with some oil) This was organic and had natural ingredients. This was, along with the 2 Polaris treatments the only difference to previous Fraxels. I strongly recommend having a patch test for any cream/oil/spray you will be using after your treatment prior to a Fraxel treatment. I will update this post in a month and say how my skin is looking and if my fine lines have improved with the Fraxel and the tightening from the Polaris have worked.

I, too, had fraxel on my chest. I used the gel on my skin, so the pain was o.k. However, the next day, a red, hot, itchy rash appeared on my skin on the outline where the fraxel was used. I used the medicine my physician prescribed, biafine, and a moisturizer. The skin began pealing off, and the smell was terrible. The treatment was given just before a week-end holiday, so it was six days before I could see my doctor. The rash also spread over my shoulders to the upper part of my back. The itch was unbearable. My doctor said she did not know what was wrong, but gave me a Non-steriod cream to put on my chest to stop the itching and the rash. It did neither. I finally tried epson salts in warm water which gave me some relief. The itching has lessened a little (it still itches) but the rash is still there after 6 weeks. I am going to see another doctor this week as I feel the doctor who performed the fraxel procedure does not know what to do. Fraxel is not as simple as patients are led to believe, and it is most unkind of a doctor who tells you how simple it is, then when there are problems, they say "this has never happened before," and they do not know how to deal with the problems.
Hi Mauna.. sorry to hear you have gone through such a long and unpleasant reaction.. i took antihistamine pills in the end and was also told to moisturize the dry skin as much as possible. I put a moisturizing cream by Avene which is hypoallergenic..6 weeks is way longer than my reaction so its great you are seeing another doc. I am now totally ok, with no residual redness of rash so be reassured... it will go!

Its now 4 weeks post Fraxel treatment.The redness...

Its now 4 weeks post Fraxel treatment.The redness and dry crepy skin has totally gone now. My skin condition looks good but i really cannot see much improvement in the fine lines around my mouth..i will post again in another 4 weeks.

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he dealt with the problem but i think one should be aware of allergic reactions which seem similar to the downtime/reactions to the laser

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