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I had fat transfer below my eyes in 2007 and for a...

I had fat transfer below my eyes in 2007 and for a few weeks or months it looked fine, smooth and even - within a year or so it had clumped together in 2 hard moveable lumps and a hard strip under one eye. It showed up as whiter than the rest of the skin and as the skin under the eyes is thinner/darker than the rest of the face it was really noticeable. I eventually found a surgeon who was able to break up and suction it out. It is the same/worse than before and my curiosity is definitely satisfied. Fat is VERY unpredictable, has a tendency to migrate and disappear etc. I also had some around my mouth which, as a very 'mobile' area of the face lasted no time at all...


For all that inquired if you want more details please email me personally. I had this procedure conducted in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California at a reputable and well known center. I did not opt for the stem cells to be included that was an extra $1000. Not sure if it would have made that big of a difference.
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Creative, if you could message me the name of your doc I would so appreciate it...

pinkachoo - sorry to hear this, my face is full of those stupid cysts (I can feel them in certain areas). Maybe 1 or 2 are painful. How awful. Have never seen anyone here write about the complications of breast fat transfer, yours is the only comment I've seen. This will be really important for people to know as I'd bet that procedure is popular as heck nowadays... "natural breasts" and tra la la. Even the doctors in my country have started doing fat transfers into the breast. It is worrying to think how many might not be qualified in the procedure properly who are doing it. I heard breast fat transfer wasn't approved yet (although it might be now?!)
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Yes I think people are too depressed to write about it. No one wants to put the name of the Dr. because you can get sued for liable. This is a new procedure. The before / after pics they show you look great. They tell you it's all natural. Its your own body. it's so safe but no one tells you may end up with hard cysts all over your once naturally soft breasts. My breasts were small but at least if a guy tried to give me an oil massage he wouldn't freak out like I have a tumor. :( It's so embarrassing. Not to mention the hassle of going to get a mamography having them all marked so that you can have a record of what was there. I don't recommend this to anyone at all. Save your money and your soft breasts.
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