Breast Lift - So Disappointed, Already Feel Saggy & Low (London)

Hi there I had a mastopexy and 300cc implants 6...

Hi there I had a mastopexy and 300cc implants 6 wks ago.

Was too big and saggy also implants were folding/flipping on the edges. Was treated very well at the hospital and had little post op pain. Feel these are still too low and look like I still need an uplift.

I already can see loose skin, they measure 25cm from collar bone to nipple there is no fullness at the top and I am truly gutted. I previously had 525cc in for 10yrs and they were pretty saggy but surely I could have expected better than this for the money??!!!

Updated on Jan 9, 2009:

I think the hardest part for me to accept is that the original reason I had implants was to fill out the uper part of the breast which it did but now I feel like I have gone backwards as i can see the old stretched skin at the top as it is not filled out as it was. Should the surgeon have warned me about this as I didnt see that coming!

As the op is so expensive I feel like I have wasted my money although the nipple is in a better position and they are smaller.

Please help - do these breasts look uplifted? Had...

Please help - do these breasts look uplifted? Had full mastopexy 6 weeks go and they feel so saggy and low. I can also at 6 weeks in gather loose skin in te cleavedge area and underneath - is this normal? I know its only early days but they cant climb up! Is this a good job or will I need further surgery?? -- Updated on Jan 11, 2010: Please help are these breasts too low??? I had a full uplift and smaller implants 6 weeks ago and I am truly gutted at the results. The scarring is excellent but the shape is horrible and perhaps I am losing my marbles but these look worse than my old ones! I know my old ones were horrible but I am struggling to see much of an improvement. Do I need further surgery and different shaped implants these are low profiles?????

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So sorry you're disheartened. You may want to post a question in our doctor's Q & A section. If you do this, adding photos would be very helpful. Are you feeling any better about your procedure?

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I had a breast lift with expandable implants. My implants only had 60cc, for two months, then I went back added them to 280. I got back this week and fill them up the rest of the way. He refused to do the lift with full blown implants. He said they would sag really quick, so they were going against each other. Lift is to lift and implants will pull down. I will let you know how they turn out after I get them filled up all the way this week.
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My Plastic Surgeon advised me that putting implants into already excessively sagging breasts would only make them sag more because of the weight of the implant. He told me I'd get the best results having a lift and reduction with no implants. I don't know if you're sagging was bad but if so maybe the implant is just too heavy and a lift alone would've given you the results you were looking for?? I am amazed at my results, could not be happier with my lift, breasts are so perky, full, and the shape is perfect.
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