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I wanted breast implants since I was 16 and an...

I wanted breast implants since I was 16 and an AACup back then I was waiting for them to grow but it never happend. After 9 long years, thinking everything through and through and saving up money i finally did it.

It's only been 3 months now and they dont feel like real boobs yet, I dont think they ever will but its something you have to come to terms with. I feel better and more womanly and they look good when i am dressed but if you are naked you just have to understand that you CANT get real bigger boobs so you have to accept that they dont move that way and never will but at least you have some!!! above all, the recovery was a hell of a time and you feel like you have two balls stuck on your chest,but where i am now i am very happy with the shape and i think i have the best fake boobs you can get so i am very pleased with the result. it makes me feel better about myself and it looks real if you don't go too big!!

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Hi Sue, I know this is a very late comment - but how many cc's did you get? Did you experience any rippling? And do you find the anatomical implants allow you to have cleavage?
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I'm glad you were able to get this done. Did you go with saline or silicone implants?

Thank for you for sharing with us! It's amazing what a surgery like this can do for your self-confidence.

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hi angie, thank you very much for your comment. i should have probably mentioned this in my review but i was too excited :) i have anatomically correct tear drop shaped silimed implants. i went from 34aa to 34c!
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