My Brazilian Butt Lift Diary - London, UK

Hello ladies! Going to have my BBL in a few hours,...

Hello ladies! Going to have my BBL in a few hours, really excited and nervous at the same time! I'm really worried about the pain and recovery after! Anyway will keep everyone posted of my experience and will hopefully include pictures! Bye for now!

Anyone from uk had a good bbl permanent result. Which doctors are best recommended abroad? Reply zaman32 October 18, 2014 I am from London. Anyone want to plan to travel, surgery done together aswell as share half costs for recovery home?
good luck. I know you are excited. Cant wait to hear more!

Good luck!


29/06 Update... Recovery is horrible. Well, I...


Update... Recovery is horrible. Well, I guess its only 1 day post op so going to try stay positive. In so much pain, so sore! On top of that my bum don't look that big either, feel like I wasted my money. I'm so swelled up and bruised too, not happy right now.
Chase....I see this review is from 2011, how has it gone, I see you had your op in London ? I am very keen to find a surgeon in the UK (provided there is one), this kind of surgery seems to be a bit unkown here, I will probably go to Marbella to have it done with Aslani, looks like he is more or less the only one on this side of the Atlantic specialising in BBL. Who was your surgeon and do you have pics ?
How is your recovering going so far? Are you satisfied with the result? I am interested in doing a BBL and would be happy to hear more from you.
Can't wait to hear from you
You may be much happier once the swelling goes down and you see a little more results.... give it some time
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