Hi everyone! I've been looking at this website...

Hi everyone!

I've been looking at this website for some time now while I've gone through my breast reduction process. Its helped me a lot with my anxiety while getting my answers so i hope this review will help someone else too! This is my first time ever writing a blog/writing out the things I've been through so sorry in advance if i ramble! lol...If you just want to know about the NHS side of things feel free to scroll down to the ***** bit :D.

I just want to say I was pretty scared to write this review after seeing the sizes of some women that post ie.34GG, 36KK etc and I wish I could help them myself. Im a breast size 34E with a height of 5ft 2" and have suffered with my appearance since the age of 13. I know my boobs are not the biggest but they definitely don't belong to me. I say that because as my body has developed my personality has faded and I don't relate to the person that looks back at me in the mirror.

Since the age of 13 I have always been conscious about my weight, however I've always had a weight average of about 8 stone, this was always surprising to me as my two sisters weighed in the 9 stones but looked tiny compared to me. In school I was pretty much bullied and harassed everyday once I started developing. Girls wouldn't talk to me because they thought their boyfriends would find me more attractive, boys would poke at my chest, point at me while I walked around school, imitate me by stuffing their shirts, call me names (so you can see why girls weren't too fond of me- lol!). Anywho- that went on for high school, then came sixth form which was pretty much the same but I could hide it better as I could chose my own (baggy) clothes to wear, this had its positives as I felt I could hide myself better but then also left people outside of school thinking I was older than I was! I was about 16-18 years old in sixth form and having random guys shout at me, take the piss out of me, follow me home from school/work was so embarrassing.

So around the age of 15 began the eating problems. I won't go into it too much but I've been on every diet out there and tried extreme measures to get my weight down. I became obsessed with slim fast for about a year which totally messed up my stomach (still having tests done to this day), started going through depression because I stopped socialising out of fear of eating and when I did finally start socialising I became bulimic. There hasn't been a day where I haven't said a bad thing about my weight to this day, even my friends are sick of hearing it but they realise that comes with the package of me lol.

SOOO..Now you know a little about my back story hopefully if you're going through the same thing you can realise you're not alone in the way you're feeling.

***************ONTO THE NHS PROCESS!!**************
Ive wanted a breast reduction since I was 15 and was told by my GP I would have to wait till I was older. Ive also had back problems since the age of 13, I was really outgoing and used to love performing, I did things like performing dances for british airways headquarters and taking tap, ballet drama classes. The backache stopped me from doing any of that - again another step in losing my personality. At the age of 16 I had physiotherapy and acupuncture on my back but that didnt help the problem go away, the physic actually told me the problem is chronic and I should look into a breast reduction. At this point I was too embarrassed to go back to my GP. Then by the age of 18 I started getting some serious psychological issues! ignored them and carried on with life which led to my downward spiral in food even more.

I finally went to my GP at the age of 22 years old again to find out if I was eligible. She sent a request off for funding to the PCT which came back as rejected- they wanted to see evidence of physio for the last 6 months. However a few weeks later I received a letter to the hospital asking me to come in for my breast reduction assessment. Super confused and excited at this point as I wasn't sure if I had actually been rejected. I saw a consultant (who wasn't the doctor specified on my letter) and he agreed that I needed the surgery so he referred me to a surgeon at Charing Cross Hospital (beautiful hospital by the way!). He made me an appointment to see him about after 3 months to see what the surgeon had said. 3 months passed and my follow up appointment was due- however, I had still not heard from Charing Cross. I went to my appointment and again saw the consultant who said he would refax the letter for me and again see him in 3 months. 3 months passed again and the same thing happened. I heard nothing but went to him asking why they are not receiving it. He said he would send it again for me and see him in 3 months, meanwhile I was having physiotherapy to cover my back with the PCT- surprise surprise I didnt hear anything again and it was time for another appointment after 3 months. I was booked to see the doctor as per usual but only ever saw her consultant, I spoke to the nurses and told them id like to see the doctor this time as my letter does not seem to reach Charing Cross Hospital.

After waiting hours to see this doctor I was shocked to find how rude and dismissive she was towards me. I sat there crying in front of her while she shot me down and kept cutting me off, she told me there was nothing she could do for me but I insisted she forward the letter for me again to Charing Cross, she said she would but she can't guarantee it (what? lol). This time I was fed up and took matters into my own hands. I made a complaint to the hospital about her (her name was Ms Shah) and I got into contact with her secretaries to push for the letter to be sent. Her secretary was very helpful and sent 2 letters and 2 faxes and kept me informed as to when they received it! FINALLY I got a letter from Charing Cross hospital giving me an appointment with the surgeon. They were super helpful but my appointment was far away. This all started in December 2012 and I saw the surgeon on the 21st of March 2014! I had major anxiety as I already suffer with depression but my partner came with me to my appointment. The surgeon said YES! and I burst into tears, now came the wait for the PCT again. THIS PARTS IMPORTANT-------I was very persistent with the plastic surgery co-ordinater, she was super super helpful! I called her everyday (lol) and she kept on top of my case too and chased the PCT! On the 12th March my funding was approved!!! I was so happy! The PCT did ask for further evidence from me (my BMI, my physio) but once they had received that they approved me! It feels like a dream and I can't believe how lucky i am- I do believe this operation should be available to anyone that needs it and not this silly long process! Now I'm just waiting for the appointment and can't wait! First time Ive smiled in such a long time!

I can't believe how long I've actually written and more so how much I actually had to say about my journey in getting to this point. I've learnt that life grants us challenges to see how bad we really want something and if you can overcome them you will get what you deserve. I know that reading long posts really helped me as it helped pass the sleepless nights but I'm sorry if I bored you!! Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will help the best I can xxx


I meant physio* not physic!

and i was confirmed by the PCT on 14th March :). Seeing the plastic surgeon was only delayed because of the first hospital and once I saw him the process was quick.
Welcome to the community.  I am happy that you jumped in and started your journey with us.  
Please keep us up to date on everything!
Thank you kimmers25! :) ...Ill keep everyone posted on my journey! So exciting...Have you had a breast reduction too? x

Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons!

So today I was feeling excited realising it had been a week since I got funding. Seeing as everything else was going fast I thought id call the hospital to find out how long the waiting list is. The surgeon I am due to see mainly deals with cancer and reconstruction of the breast. The plastic surgery co-ordinator advised that id be waiting a while for my treatment. I then asked her if there was anybody else she could recommend and she told me the associate specialists were available and it might be possible to see them in 6-8weeks if I went with one of them!! That would mean the count down could finally begin!! ahhh so excited! The waiting list I'm currently on is 6-9months as I'm not a priority due to it being a routine operation. Anywho I told her I would give her a call on Monday and let her know my decision as I wanted to do my research on them first. Chances are I'm going to do it with an associate specialist though! Theres a lady that has special interest in breast and scar management so I think she would be the one I go with! Has anyone else had this option or had their surgery with an associate specialist rather than a consultant?
That would be wonderful!  Oh yes, I had a reduction and lift.
Amazing! Just saw your results - you can barely see the scars! Congratulations!!


Tried to find the courage to take a picture of my breasts but I'm too embarrassed yet! I found a picture on this website that closely resembles my size :). Heres the picture and a few pictures of what id like to look like after. I hope to be a B cup, I know this may seem small to some but all the girls in my family are B cups and I feel this is the size that would make me feel part of the family again.
Loves about the right size for your frame, I would think the last pic is the most realistic for your current shape.
Thanks peediewife :)...I really like the last pic too, not too big not too small! I think thats around a B/C which is what I'm estimated to be :)
Thank you for sharing your story. You have really articulated the impact to your life and the pain. I am so happy for you that you are getting to make a change for the better!

Weight loss

Thinking about weight loss after surgery as I'm sure ill want to perfect my body and fitness after being given this gift! Has anyone else lost weight after a breast reduction? Did it affect the shape/size of your breast?


Hey everyone just thought id let you know I won't have an answer for the surgeon decision until Monday! I sent an email to ask one of the associate specialists for pictures of her results but she hasn't gotten back to me. Im thinking that i probably will go with an associate surgeon due to the wait. Im not impatient or anything its just that I have an operation on my nose (29th March) due to a deviated septum. So 6-8 weeks from now after that operation would be perfect and all happen just in time for my cousins birthday and summer! What an amazing year its going to be! Think positive and positivity will come your way! x
Thank you:)

Fighting the craves!

So trying to eat healthy and get as close to my ideal body size before the op! Its been a week since I started going to the gym and eating healthy (I've dropped 3lb) but tonight I'm craving bad food so bad! Just thinking about the operation makes me feel like I'm going to look so tiny at last! Im currently 9 stone 1 pound (59kg) and although that may seem light, I actually look pregnant (I'm not - haha) and have love handles...Hoping to get down to 58/57kg before my nose op on saturday! Just feeling really excited and anxious so thought i could vent it out with you guys...I won't give in to those white chocolate magnums in my freezer though, or the cupboards stored up with sweets and crisps (thanks mum loll!)...RESIST! RESIST! RESIST!

Perving loll!

Has anyone found they look at their boobs (and other peoples) more when waiting for a breast reduction loll! I just can't stop thinking about it! I hope it happens this weekend rather than my nose- the breathing can wait loll! I added a picture of my own breasts to show you the scale size of my breasts compared to my body. Im laying down in the picture so they look a little smaller than they actually are..COME ON BREAST REDUCTION! I love the NHS right now!!! arwuerhweuho - going crazy loll!
yes, i spent all my time trying to see women with a similar build to me with small boobs, to see how it looked!

Associate specialist!

Good morning everyone! Just got off the phone to the plastic surgery co-ordinator and have decided to go with the associate specialist :D... Ive been told she's booked up until May so fingers crossed I can get an appointment near the beginning of May (Thats perfect timing for me with my nose op).

I did ask to see pictures but was told I couldn't due to patient confidentiality which is understandable. Theres no reviews on this lady though so I'm a bit nervous about my decision as I can't see any pictures of her work either! Has anyone else been in this position where they can't/didn't see pictures of the plastic surgeons previous breast reductions?
I think it is unusual not to be able to see photo examples of a surgeon's work. It would concern me a little.
Thanks for the message :) what do you think I should do?
always worth asking if you can be contacted at short notice if they get a cancellation....

Worried :(

Hi everyone! Feeling very anxious today down to not being able to see any pictures from the plastic surgeon. I can't find any information on her about her experience. I emailed her personally last week to ask if I could see pictures but she hasn't replied yet (don't think ill get to as the co-ordinator told me :().

Don't know what to do, I'm feeling too anxious and nervous about calling the co-ordinator again because I don't want to annoy her. When I speak to her on the phone she seems very rushed and busy, Does anyone have any advice?
I would email the surgeon pics of what you want and ask if she feels she can deliver this.


So I had my septoplasty and turbinate reduction yesterday. It was supposed to just be a day surgery but the pain was so severe they kept me over night. I just got home and into my own bed! Im still really drugged up as they gave me the maximum amount of morphine and other pain killers. Still its only got me more excited about the BR! One surgery down one to go till the old me is back!!
I think if they work within the nhs then that's good enough. That's why I chose the surgeon I did x
Thats true actually!
I never saw pictures of my surgeons work.

Splint removal aka nose birth

Oh my gosh! So I've just got back from the hospital where i have my nasal splints removed after 6 days. My nose feels SO much better now. The removal hurt like crazy and its making me nervous about the breast reduction. Ive been so excited I didnt even take recovery time or pain into account- how painful is it?

If anyone is wondering about the septoplasty feel free to message me. Now onto daily rinses in my nose! Cant wait to breathe again :D
I have to say my BR didn't feel painful like I thought it would, it felt sore and uncomfortable, my drains also didn't hurt, just sore to come out, but I have seen others say theirs hurt, it is down to the person, I had a small surgery for something else a few years ago and it knocked me about for 4 weeks, this was a bigger op and at the end of week one I felt fine lol xxx
Oh wow..4 weeks! This septoplasty had me out for a week so far, but no more pain! Fingers crossed it doesn't hurt too much x
Hi again. I didn't find BR painful . When I came round from anaesthetic I felt like a burning on the incisions , but that was it. I had paracetamol got 2 days after then nothing. Think I was so excited about my reduction I didn't feel much pain lol. X

Being a little fatty!

Since my septoplasty and turbinate reduction I've eaten anything I could taste lol (half the taste really is in the smell!). Anywho its been 3 weeks since the surgery and I'm feeling really good...Im pretty much back to what I was before the operation in terms of breathing but I've been told it will be another 3 weeks till i fully experience a benefit.

SOOO...I spoke to the plastic surgery co-ordinator as I found out that the only month I will be able to have the breast reduction will be May this year! This is due to getting more time off work as well as different occasions (birthdays, weddings etc) every month after! The co-ordinator said she will speak to the surgeon on Monday (I'm guessing she meant tuesday as its bank holiday tomorrow) and figure out a date for me! HOW EXCITINGGGGG!! I can't imagine what I'm going to look like after.

I saw my cousins this weekend and I was hunching over hiding my chest in baggy clothes most of the time just thinking how in a month thats going to totally change! I need to stop pigging out too because i don't want to put on extra weight that I have to lose after and alter the shape or my breasts. As much as I want people to notice I also don't want them to notice as the point of this surgery is to draw less attention to that area..the only people who know are my partner, my mum and 2 sisters! Did anyone else have any anxiety over that?

Love you all for the support! Now time to read and get updated on other peoples reviews!! x

Time off work

Oh I was also wondering for people post breast reduction how much time did you have to take off work?? x
i don't mean to be unkind but have you really had NHS funding on an E cup??? most areas will not fund a reduction on less than a G cup.
Hi peediewife! yes i got funding on an E cup. My case was probably agreed down to medical issues and psychological due to back problems since the age of 13 and extreme depression (physiotherapy, acupuncture, counselling etc). Hope that helps!
I hope the BR helps with all of that. Good luck. It has certainly made me very happy twice!!!! Had my second BR late January.

Still waiting..

Hi all you beautiful ladies!

Just an update...I called the plastic surgery co-ordinator as I was supposed to hear back yesterday and her voicemail informed me she's on annual leave until tomorrow, ill try her again then and hopefully organise a date :).

Will keep you all posted!

Quick update

Spoke with the plastic surgery co-ordinator who let me know that the surgeon who will be doing my operation is back tomorrow and she was talk to her then. She asked for me to call back tomorrow so will give another update then :)

In the mean time heres another pic of my ideal shape/size of breast! (Also could anyone tell me how long they waited to go back to work? Im thinking of saying 3 weeks to my employer but I'm not sure if thats too soon..thanks ladies!) x

Another quick update

Hey ladies, Not much to report as I still haven't managed to get through to the plastic surgery co-ordinator..ive been told that she is the only person who works in the department so its super hard to get hold of her. Im soo anxious about getting an appointment as it has been a year and a half since this whole NHS process started... Really just want to get this done now, hoping to get an appointment around the 18th May so it gives my employer a chance to find cover.

will keep you all posted! x

Upset!!! :(

Argh, So I'm so angry!

Today I finally managed to get through to the co-ordinator, she finally looked up the surgeon and told me I could get a date for June 19th! Thats another 7 and a half weeks, I can't do the surgery then as its my cousins birthday and I told her I needed it in May- I haven't been to a family event in so long so this was going to be my chance to see everyone again and not feel like I had to hide away.

The whole reason I changed my surgeon was because she said I could be seen by her in 6-8 weeks (that was 6 weeks ago) and now has finally looked to see when her next appointment is! Im so upset by this, I don't understand why she didnt check for an available date 6 weeks ago! I built up a good relationship with my previous surgeons secretary so I'm going to call him tomorrow and ask him to see if that surgeon can make space for me in May, he's a consultant so i doubt it but fingers crossed.

Argh why can't things just be simple!
Make sure to take some PICS OF YOU - FOR YOU .. so You'll have them to go back to and Compare them AFTER your Surgery !
Thats a really good tip! Ill make sure I take some for the real self family too :)
Hey hun, I've been waiting 4 years! I have been to hospitals all over London so to wait until June, it'll come round quickly. All the best for it! xx


Hiii! What a lovely morning! I confirmed my operation date for June 19th! I decided I would have to sacrifice my cousins birthday but it would give my employer a chance to find suitable cover and I have 2 months left on my gym membership, so this gives me a chance to lose as much weight as I can before the operation. Also gives me a chance to save up some more money as I won't be getting paid when I'm off work (lots of money for lots of bras!)

Super excited now :D...Its only 7 weeks away, that will fly by! So excited :))))))!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck, i sold some of my bras on ebay to pay for post op bras, the royce with silver front opening bra is wonderful
Oh brilliant! I might do that too I think..How much did you spend on post op bras?
well i hae got some really cheap ones from matalan but my post surgery bra was more like £30 - the royce frony opening with silver that aids healing, worh every penny and I plan to still wear it occasionally for slobbing at home days, it is so comfy. at first i wore it all the time, and then after a few weeks it became my sleep bra

4 weeks (and a half) weeks to go!

So I haven't been able to get into gym and healthy eating! Instead I've gained a cup size and don't fit in any bras anymore! Im not going to bother getting more at this point but I'm going to start eating healthy from today if I want to achieve the result I'm looking for in the end! Will keep you all posted on my progress.

Im starting to count down the weeks now and what needs to be organised, not only will I be moving out of my student flat on this day but ill be having the operation too! Major changes taking place next month- bring on the next chapter of my life!


So I got a call and my operation date has been moved from the 19th to the 16th June! ah! Only 2 weeks and 2 days to go! I still haven't brought anything for the operation.. I have one button up night suit from my previous operation (which was only 9 weeks ago) so I need to get more, ill order the royce bra today (as suggested by peediewife- thanks!) and I'm not sure what else ill need to get right now.

Ive been eating healthy and started going to the gym, total weight loss so far is about 4 pounds but id love to shift another 6 pounds before the operation. Im really worried that because my cup size has gone up with my weight the surgeon won't make me as small as I want to be! nevertheless its still super exciting!

If anyone else has any suggestions on what I need please get in touch, and of course if anyone has any questions feel free to get in touch!

On my next update ill put up some pictures to compare the before and after :) x

this ones for the D cups out there!!

Also found out some information for people looking to get the surgery and don't think they will fit the criteria. The NHS must remove 500g from each breast so I was told the minimum size a person can be is a D cup, 500g would take them to about a B/C cup according to my surgeon.

My advice would be to go to your GP and fight your case, the GP doesn't understand what youve gone through so you really do need to push for it! Hope that helps! x

Less than 1 week.!.!.!.!

Hey beauts!

only 5 sleeps till the big day! What can I say apart from it all feels so surreal, still hasn't hit me that this is happening because its such a long process to get here! I said id upload pics on this update but I just haven't had the time, I've been organising leaving my flat, getting things together, going work and trying to meet everyone to say bye!

I have a dilemma and I'm not sure what to do! Im due to come on my period on Friday/Saturday...my operation is on Monday so I really feel gross about having a surgery while on my period, has anyone else been through this? I don't however feel the symptoms of coming on as I normally would..tender breasts, mood swings, sugar craves etc so I'm hoping that I come on after the operation. I can't imagine how bad the pain will be if I'm on with tender breasts and just had the op!

Any advice would be helpful x
Hiya, it was the time if the month when I had my BR & my tt. I told the nurse & she said she would inform the surgeon . I just put ona night time sanitary towel & all was fine.
Oh thats good to hear, thanks! Did you find it difficult having an operation on your period? Were you in a lot of pain?


Ok ok! Ive put it off long enough so its time I uploaded my before pics! So nervous about doing this but its the least I can do for all those before and after pics that have given me so much confidence *gulp* . I want to be a 34B so I hope they can get rid of all that side boob and give me tiny perky breasts :D
well done you, I can now see why you want this surgery. I have that royce bra and it has been wonderful. very good luck with your surgery, i wish you a recovery as goos as mine!
Thanks! :D...I brought the royce from your suggestion :) Hoping I can return the 34c (if i fit into the B).
I had it done on the second day of period. My busts were sore, but nothing more than usual . The pain after the op was more like a burning pain at the incisions. I think I had strong pain relief for the first couple of days, then took paracetamol at home. I felt really nauseous just after so nurse gave me a tablet then I was fine. Also had a morphine pump which I didn't need to use. Bet you are excited! You will love it

Night before pre op

So I'm sitting here with my partner watching the world cup going through a list of questions I want to ask my surgeon tomorrow. The list so far is as follows:

1. How small can you make me? I want to be a B cup. Ive been a C cup before and wasn’t happy.
2. Can you get rid of the fat on the sides?
3. Where will you place my nipple? I want it higher up and smaller
4. What method will you use?
5. How many nights will I be in hospital?
6. Is it a problem if I come on my period? What happens if I come on my period?
7. How many times have you performed this procedure, do you have any pictures?
8.How long will I need off work? How long till I can travel?
9.How long till I can start exercising again?
10.Recovery tips and ways to reduce scaring?
11. I plan to lose weight after surgery, how will this effect my breasts?

If theres anymore questions anyone can think of that I should ask please let me know :) I keep having a recurring nightmare that I have the surgery but the only thing thats changed is the nipple placement and scars, I really do hope they can make me drastically smaller but I don't know how realistic a B cup is for me x
all sounding good, be careful about nipple height, mine could do with being a centimetre lower. one id slightly higher nd peeps over the top of balcony bras. take a look at the pics in my review
I can't wait to see the final result now! So excited!
Best of luck!!! We seem to be about the same -- same height, same size boobs. My surgery is scheduled for 18 Aug. and I can hardly wait.

Pre op questions and answers :)

Hey everyone! I saw my surgeon today, she was so lovely and made me so excited for Monday! She took the time to listen to me and answer every question I had as well as talking me through my realistic goal. So heres the questions and answers!

1. How small can you make me? I want to be a B cup. Ive been a C cup before and wasn’t happy.


2. I plan to lose weight after surgery, how will this effect my breasts? How much weight can I lose without affecting results?


3. Can you get rid of the fat on the sides?


4. Where will you place my nipple? How small can you make it? I want it higher up and smaller


5. What method will you use?


6. How many nights will I be in hospital?


7. Is it a problem if I come on my period? What happens if I come on my period?


8. How many times have you performed this procedure, do you have any pictures?


9.How long will I need off work? How long till I can travel?


10.How long till I can start exercising again?


11. Recovery tips and ways to reduce scaring?


12. What kind of stitches (dissolving, removable, staples?)


13. What sort of dressings will be used


14. how soon after can you shower?


15. What follow up appointments will there be and what is the procedure if you have worries or questions post op.


soooo excited! x

2 days post op

Tomorrow ill be saying 'I have my operation tomorrow'...This week has gone by so slowly! Although the weather has been gorgeous in London I'm just focused on the operation. Ive been eating healthy and going to the gym for 3 weeks, looking forward to going home and weighing myself on Sunday/Monday morning too.

Ive been told to be at the hospital for 7:30am, I will be marked up by someone who is learning first and then my plastic surgeon will re-do the markings (the operation will be based off her markings).

Wondering how long it will be before I can drive again? Has anyone had the vertical scar method? (is less fat taken in this method?) x
I just read your post, good luck with everything! I am getting BR surgery too ! On June 17th in Canada , thanks for sharing your story, feels good to know I am not alone :)
Thank you :), oh thats exciting! One day after me :D...Good luck with yours too! x
Good Luck! I'm having mine done in London on 16th June. So excited but nervous too. Hope all goes well.

I mean Pre op haha!

Getting ahead of myself

'Twas the night before reduction'....

So today I came back from university, 4 years over in a flash! and I haven't had a chance to sit down or even think... Been home since 12pm and only finally came into my room now haha! Spent the day with my family organising my kitchen cupboard (stocked with healthy food), brought dad a BBQ for father days so we were building that and then I made all the food for a BBQ (Chicken wings, homemade BBQ sauce, sausages, burgers) first time I've not counted calories in 3 weeks! I did manage to weigh myself and roughly I've lost about 7lb in 3 weeks (half a stone) but will know for sure tomorrow morning! It hasn't really hit me that its happening tomorrow, I know i have to be up at 6am and be in the hospital but it all still feels surreal.

Anywho, I have lots and lots of unpacking to do so better get to that before tomorrow comes! Will try post an update as soon as possible, chances are ill be majorly drugged up after the op!

Thinking of you, and wishing you a speedy recovery. I am having my br on 4th July . I am also having the lollipop technique . Really looking forward to hearing how it all went take good care of yourself.
Thank you very much, good luck with yours! Just about to write up my review now :D
Good luck with your BR. Are you waiting for your Uni results? What an exciting summer for you.

34 B/C..apparently! Out on the other side :)

Hi ladies!

Sorry it took me so long to post about my experience so far! Im just going to start from the day going to surgery, so far it has been 6 days post up so ill do it in paragraphs :).

Day 1.
Going to the hospital it all still felt really surreal, I didnt recognise what was actually happening I was just kind of going with it, my dad dropped off my sister and I to the hospital and we expected a long wait, we were wrong. As soon as I stepped into the ward the anaesthetist was waiting by reception for me and we went straight into a room where he asked me medical questions to make sure I was good to go for the surgery, asll was well. Next I stepped out of the room and the man who was going to do my markings before the actual surgeon was waiting for me, I went into a room with him and he marked me up, it still hadn't clicked in my head even at this point. I explained to him that I wanted to be really small and id like my nipples to be pretty small so he marked me up. After this we began going through the consent form at which point my actual surgeon came in the room and marked me up properly and adjusted his markings slightly. She showed me where the incisions would be and said she would get ready for surgery, she was well aware of the size I wanted to be. After that I walked out of the room and was told they are ready for me to go up :/ it all happened so fast one after the other. I changed into my gown and I was told to also go pee, as I went to pee shock horror I started my period :/ So annoying but they gave me temp knickers and a pad, I was allowed to wear a tampon too but I didn't bring any, it was actually ok in the end. So I went upstairs into the room with the anaesthetist and we talked a little while he explained what each injection did, I said goodnight and the next thing was waking up in recovery.
I was told that the operation lasted about 2 hours and I had been in recovery for about an hour before I woke up, I didnt really have too much pain but I was given a Morphine drip, Fentanyl and paracetamol through the IV, I was totally numb! After about an hour or two I was taken to the ward, I shared with 3 other ladies who were lovely, most of this day was spent asleep. Mum came to visit me too, I couldn't really tell the difference as I was heavily bandaged up (see pics). Thats all I really remember of the first day.

Day 2.
I was due to only stay one night but I ended up staying in hospital for 4nights 5 days (came home friday). In the morning the surgeon came to see me again and took off my bandages and my drains, the drains didnt hurt to come out at all. She was with a team and informed me she removed about 340grams from one side and a little less from the other (I was a bit confused as I was told 500g was the minimum).When the bandages came off and I looked down I really did think I looked a lot smaller until I took a pic and felt like my nightmare had come true, the nipples had moved and I had the scars but I looked the same size :(. Anyway I face timed my partner and he was supportive through out, we face timed a couple of times everyday and my mum came to visit in the eves. I was due to be discharged but the pain had increased so I had to stay another night as the hospital can't let you go home until the pain is managed.

Day 3.
My tummy was really popping out and starting to hurt because I hadn't been to the toilet since Sunday (too much info), Days were passing pretty quickly as I was in and out of sleep due to the medicine. My painkillers were altered again but I came up in a few spots so they had to change it again. Boobs were pretty numb and swollen on the sides so again not too much pain but I had to stay anyway. Sister and mum came to visit me and brought me loads of cookies when they went home my other cousin sister surprised me past visiting hours and brought me a Tiffany's bracelet and more cookies and strawberries, I was really feeling the love and my spirits were high and positive. The time was going pretty quick as I would wake up to a bunch of whatsapp messages then by the time I finished replying I was sleepy again.

Day 4.
I was due to be discharged again but I had to be reviewed by the pain team. They came really late so by the time they had decided on my new painkillers the doctors who needed to sign off for the pharmacy had gone home and I was informed that I would be staying another night :/. As I hadn't been to the loo in so long either they wanted me to stay as they needed to make sure I had 'opened my bowels', the nurse who saw my belly thought I looked 4 months pregnant haha. Mum came to visit me everyday non the less and we watched the England match together in hospital which was fun. I was fine at this point I just wanted to get home.

Day 5.
Finally got to go home! Nurses came to review me in the morning I was totally fine, my bandages were taken off leaving only the steri strips behind (I have my dressings clinic appointment tomorrow).My day was spent pretty much waiting around to get discharged, as soon as I was given the go ahead I was out of there so quick! Mum came to pick me up and the car journey was a lot easier than expected. I was worried that I would be in pain like some other women but I guess I was ok as it had been 5 days since the op. I got home and I still had lots of energy, I was up making my own food, straight into the shower (also able to lift my arms high enough to wash my own hair- I don't know if thats due to the lollipop technique) and I took some more pics while I let the steri strips dry (can't leave them wet due to infection). I had a pretty chilled day, I still didnt manage to go toilet properly so I was on senna pills and lactolose (something like that). My warning to ladies about to have this operation is to try and stick to ibuprofen and paracetamol, the quicker you come off the hard drugs the better!

Day 6.
Waking up in my own bed at last! I managed to sleep fine, in hospital I was even finding that sleeping slightly on my side was actually ok. I woke up at 7am due to the hospital routine and took some paracetamol just for the hell of it, I wasn't really in any pain I just thought id take it as a precaution. The rest of the day I was fine, I was making my own food, smoothies etc mum would help with a few things that could strain me ie. putting on the lid of the blender but all in all I was ok. I took some more medicine at night as I started feeling some pain when walking but I stuck to paracetamol and ibuprofen, slowly my digestive system is coming back on.

Day 7.
Today is day 7! Ive taken a few pics in the week and been a bit up and down about my results, sometimes I feel small and sometimes I feel really big. Overall I'm happy with my progress so far but I'm concerned as too how much swelling is yet to go down, how much can I expect it to go down yet? Also the bra I've been wearing is the Royce 34C, when I got home I also tried on the B and was excited that I could fit into it, I wasn't sure if it was too much compression so I put the C back on last night. Should I be wearing the bra with more compression? they are both very supportive but the B comes up a little bit higher. Today I also started getting a few shooting pains so I decided to take it easy and I've finally had time to write the review. Ill keep everyone posted as to what happens in the dressing clinic tomorrow and post some more pics.

Let me know what you think about my results so far :) I don't think there has been much change, maybe a cup size :(

They look stunning... Huge difference, you'll notice once you're over your initial days.. Happy healing x
Thank you very much, I'm hoping they will shrink another cup size but don't know how likely that is! x
Your results are amazing! I can't wait to look like the rest of the RS sisters.


I have a huge migraine which I think is from the medicine withdrawal. Im a migraine sufferer but I haven't had one for a while :(. So annoying considering I was in hospital for so many days to get my pain meds right (because of reactions not because I really felt I was in too much pain) and I don't even need them. Got a migraine cooling strip on my head and taken migraine meds...any cures are welcome!
WELCOME to the OTHER SIDE ! Nice of you to write a Review ! Now you can go back and LQQK at your Before Pictures to compare for yourself ! You look great !
Ha! No, they are not the same size as before! They look great, and I can't believe how small your incisions seem to be. That is wonderful. Now, go get rest and enjoy the new girls!
Wondering HOW your Surgery went ? There isn't a Review here yet - to go and Type it on your Page ! So - I will Type it here under your Comment.

1 week update..more pics!

So I went to the dressings clinic today thinking I was going to get my steri strips off but when the nurse saw me she was so happy with my results. She informed me that she didnt need to touch the steri strips as it could disrupt healing and that I'm recovering very well. I took some more pics with the 1 week update, haven't noticed much change as of yet, a little bit of a drop on left towards the inside.

Im wondering if the reduced swelling but the drop will leave me with the same size I am now? or could the drop even leave me a little bigger?

Anywho, I was also told to have lots of protein in my diet as it aids healing and to consume an extra 500 calories a day as my body needs this for healing. Im very nutrition conscious so will try my best to implement the calories without feeling guilty!
Looking so good!!!
You look great, you will have plenty of swelling, 4 months to final size is best to expect.
Thank you very much :) I don't see much change yet but hopefully ill notice soon! x


Hi Ladies,

Yesterday I had really sharp pains in my right breast, I assumed this was due to the numbness wearing off. Today I had a look and noticed new bruising. Not sure if this is normal? Can anyone advice please??
looks fine, bruise fluid can move with gravity
Thats good to know!
Not exactly sure about the new bruise, but it could be traveling so to speak. The sharp pains you are feeling are zingers.

Quick update

I emailed my plastic surgeon and am expecting a call from the dressings clinic tomorrow so they can confirm everything is still fine. One thing I forgot to mention was this random mark on my chest since the op, the skin is really shiny in some areas like a burn but it doesn't hurt at all, you can see it in this picture near wear my fingers point. Any ideas? Did I get burnt during surgery? Weirdddddd!
Hello there, you look great, nice size. Can I ask which Hospital you had your op in, I live near London.
Hi PeeBee, Thank you very much :) I went to St Marys Hospital
You will notice many changes with the breasts for the first 4-6 months post op.  Colors, shape, etc.  I would not worry about any of this.  

2 week update, new pics - no more steri strips :D

Hey ladies, Ive been so busy since the op, surprisingly I've been ok with energy levels and driving! Last wednesday (9 days post up) I drove for about an hour and went shopping with my partner which involved walking around for atleast 2 hours. I was able to go out to eat over the days and drive home again on Sunday. I found that pretty surprising as I thought id be more tired and driving would be more of an issue. The only thing I did find was I had to be cautious with the seatbelt and I was extra vigilant as to not emergency break!

Anywho yesterday I had my 2 week check up and my steri strips removed so I could have a look at my nipple. Nurse said everything looks great and she added new steri strips to the vertical incision. I don't need to go back for another 2 weeks now.

I find that since the steri strips have come off i need to be more careful as theres nothing holding my incisions together anymore. Ive been up cooking but being careful not to push limits, if I do need to stretch for something I do it slowly. Theres a small incision opening above my left nipple but that will heal on its own. Totally forgot to ask about the shiny patch on my chest but will check next time.

Still not very happy with the size as I feel really large, hasn't made much of a difference to my clothes either as I have been this size before with weight loss so most of the clothes i have fit the same. Im hoping with another 1.5- 2 stone weight loss they will shrink even more! Don't mean to sound ungrateful because I'm fully aware of how lucky I am! Wont be too judgemental until I see the final result!

Let me know what you think :)
Oh ,so sorry, I hadn't thought of it like that.
That's ok lovely, no harm in asking x
I think you look a lot smaller, if you look at your pre op breast to waist and now, there is a big difference, I also think the recovery with a lollipop incision must be quicker as you have not had the underneath cut that most people have, can I ask who your surgeon was, I am interested in the lollipop method.

3 week update

Cant believe its already been 3 weeks wow!

Im looking pretty much the same so haven't taken any pics this week. Im feeling really positive and can't wait to lose these extra pounds. I managed to do some squats and lunges today (just light leg work out) so I can get back into it. Wont be doing cardio until atleast 6 weeks but I just can't sit around. Total weight loss so far 8lb. Ive had some slip ups with cheat days but will stay on track and keep looking forward.

I didnt manage to go to my cousins birthday on Saturday after all as I was scared to risk someone hugging me too hard, I have my other cousins wedding in 3 weeks so ill hopefully be ok by then - I also go back to work next Monday, one week of holidays left!

Im still sleeping with my C shaped pillow just incase I roll onto my stomach but so far I'm able to sleep on my sides, although I'm still trying to avoid it as I don't know how good this is for recovery. Next week I have a check up with my surgeon that I'm excited about :) Still wearing the bra 23 hours a day (minus shower) think I should be able to start putting on vitamin E from next week too!
Great results!!!!!!
Thank you for your kind comment x
I had my surgery June. 23, 2014. Today marks two weeks post op. For. They removed. 8 pounds but I still feel pretty big too. Grrrr But I'm grateful for the surgery.

No pain, no gain!:D

Hi Ladies,

Today i literally had NO pain in my breasts at all, no soreness, nothing! Im guessing this is the fabulous 3 week mark where I'm starting to feel totally normal, a few times i even forgot I had surgery.

I have SOOO much pain in my legs from yesterdays squats and lunges! haha- It feels so good but bad at the same time, I'm glad I got some form of work out in :D...Will take some more progress pics tomorrow.

Ive also taken a picture of my pot belly to show my before and after weight loss results :) Hope everyone is well, feel free to ask questions x

5 week update and more pics! Steri strips all off

Sorry for the delay in posting! Been so busy again. I went back to work last week (the 4 week mark) everything was fine but I found myself to be extremely tired and come Friday I had to spend the whole day in bed! I only went to work for 3 days luckily! I saw my plastic surgeon last Friday and she said everything is looking good. I didnt get a chance to ask many questions as the hospital messed up my appointment so had a limited amount of time. She said I'm allowed to start exercising now if i want to (including weights!) but id probably just stick to going on the bike and doing leg exercises for now. Not sure if I want to start running again, after all, my boobs are so perky now why spoil it! haha.

No pain, scabs are coming off and I'm allowed to start putting on cream to moisturise and help with scaring, what creams have you ladies found helpful for scars??? Ive been using vitamin E oil so far.

Heres some pics from last Friday and today after my shower. Yes, I still feel really big but still on my mission to lose weight - total loss so far 10lb! Healing is going good, scabs are falling off :D

oh one more thing! Im on my period (sorry if too much info!) and I think my breasts have definitely gotten bigger since so ill take another picture when I'm off to see if they go smaller. Did anyone else's breasts grow while they were on? Do they shrink again?? xx
thanks for updating, ive been waiting to see your results thus far, its looks good. I'm looking to have a breats reduction on the NHS but havent applied yet since i wanted to loose some weight first, plus i can get bad periods (vomiting etc.) so i wanted to make sure that was good before i do anything as i dont want to disrupt the healing process. Can you post some pics of you wearing different kind of tops: boob tube, a normal top and the gray one you wore pre-op. sorry for the long comment :) p.s congrats on your weightloss.
Aw thank you, I hope your periods get easier soon! I was on during my operation and I fear I may have had bigger breasts at the time so the amount removed wasn't as much as could have, if I could do it again I would probably have done it when I wasn't on my period. I will do my best to take some pictures today! Still need to organise my cupboards since moving home. Have so many clothes I need to try on too to see the new fit so have been putting it off

11lb down! Weight loss

Hoping to finally be back in the 8 stones next Monday ...clean eating works! I have a passion for fitness and nutrition so am happy to give people advice if they want it :)
Congrats on your successful reduction. This was such a great post w/lots of information. I really liked your questions that you asked your surgeon. I'm currently a 34G & have decided against the wishes of many to have a breast reduction in the summer of 2015. I swear having very large breasts is a pain.
Great review! I am also planning on adjusting my diet during recovery time in order not to gain weight due to inability to exercise. What were the mail foods that you were eating? Any advice? Thanks!
Putting a pic of the grey top now x

Quick pic

Just an after pic in the grey jumper as requested! SO exhausted from work so will try and don't more pics tomorrow :) - doesn't seem like much difference x
I think you look wonderful. Post your before and after pictures side by side and you will see that there is a big difference even if it's not showing in your bra size! Your breasts have a completely different shape.
Thank you, I have looked on my computer at before and afters but they do still look big to me. Although they are going down with weight loss x
Thank you for the positive comment. Well done on making the decision! Its about your life not any body else's. I wish you the best of luck! xx

6 week post op

So I'm officially back in the 8 stones! 8.13 to be exact. Waist line is shrinking and hoping the breasts will too. Im feeling good, no pain! Im going to drink alcohol for the first time since the operation today which should be fun! Overall everything is ok and work has been good too. Im still getting very tired but I feel my energy levels going up slowly. Scabs are gone and incision lines look good. I haven't put on vitamin E as often as I should, any other scar treatments recommendations are welcome x

7 week update ..MORE PICS :D x

Wow has time gone by quick or what! Im not experience much pain except the occasional sharp stabbing pains that go as soon as I massage. Scars are getting very minimal, I can't see them properly if I look in the mirror from a distance- Clean eating works! Nutrition! Nutrition! Nutrition! Ive only put on vitamin E oil about 3-4 times so far. Still have some swelling and numbness as you can see on the side of my breast. Aiming to air out my boobs for at least 30minutes a day too which I think has really helping with the scarring. Still have a long way to go in recovery but I'm really optimistic about this scaring. Other pain I have noticed is an increase in neck pain, this could be from doing more driving but I think its more down to my new posture. As I have less to carry up able to straighten up more! Still not perfect but its a very slow process. Im still very tired but have to push through it as I am working. Anywho, heres some pics! Feel free to ask questions/give me feedback xx
looking good, what size do you think you are
What a great progress!... Congratulations! Do you feel a singnificant difference in a cup size now that swelling has come down? How would you estimate it?
I don't feel a significant difference but I definitely am starting to feel a difference! I think its also because nobody else has really noticed either! Ill post my size now x

Bra size (7week post op)

as some of you ladies might know after a breast reduction your old bra may still fit. I tried on a number of bras I had (in different sizes) and I think I would fit into a 34C right now. The 34D bras I have are a little big. I haven't gone out to get measured yet as I'm waiting till I can try on wired bras! Not sure when this will be! With summer here its hard to find dresses and tops that will cover up this bra...Hoping with weight loss ill go down to a 32B :D
Did you have your procedure done at Charing Cross Hospital? Do you recommend the surgeon who did the operation? What was his name?
Hi, I ended up having my surgery at st marys hospital :)
You look great! :) congrats!

9 1/2 week post op! :D

So I went shopping a few days ago and while waiting in a queue at Debenhams I looked across and saw some bras! I remembered my PS saying id be ok to wear bras without wiring now and don't have to wear the sports bra so often. I have still been wearing the Royce bras I have as I find them super comfy and give me support where I need. Anyway, I went to have a look and found a pack of two bras for £14 (SO CHEAP!) As I looked for a 34C to try on I could only find a 34B, anyway I thought id try my luck and IT FIT! 34B FIT ME! Still shocking to me! Im pretty certain that a 34C would have fit me perfectly but nevertheless I was surprised I could even wear the B cup comfortably. I brought the pack and although I have only worn the bra once it is a great motivator to keep losing weight!

In other news about the reduction, I'm still swollen on the sides and still have no nipple sensation. Scars are still healing well although I don't put any lotion on and don't air out as often as I should. Weight loss has stayed in the same place as I've had lots of parties and outings. Ill probably post in about a month again for a follow up but feel free to ask questions. I haven't posted any new pics because they look the same
I've really enjoyed reading this! Your breasts are looking great. They are a nice shape and the scars are healing nicely. I'm glad you are feeling more confident. I have struggled with body image and an eating disorder so I know exactly where you're coming from.
Hi, i hope everything is fine with you, i know you havent posted in a while. Whats the scaring like now also have you gotten sensation back? would it bother you if you didnt? hows your weightloss, sorry about all these questions. :)
Hi. Your pics look great. You did stress to PS that you wanted to be a B cup so did she tell you why she didn't remove the 500 as originally stated? I'm just curious because I am currently a DD cup and my PS said 500 also. I am stressing a B cup as well so I hope he sticks with that amount but I know it's all really determined when they get in there. But honestly, you look great : )
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