Chin Implant - London, TX

Need help!! i have been for my consultation today...

Need help!! i have been for my consultation today and i can not decide on size of the implant, my surgeon said both sizes he recommended would be suitable, which was 7mm and 8mm implant, which is medium and large. i have a very receding chin, and i am swayed more to the 8mm as they only 1mm difference and i think i would get a better shape, but i want to get it right first time. any suggestions? i cant even remember the make of the implant he was using as there was that much to take in, but its going to be one with the wings on the side.
PS . especially if you are a male person.
I'd probably go for the bigger one if you have a VERY receded chin. I have no idea what size or kind I got- but I'm really happy with it. :)

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