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I've taken a long time to decide whether to do...

I've taken a long time to decide whether to do this or not. I've spent days and months reading and asking friends and reading websites which have all helped. 2 weeks ago I finally felt comfortable about going for the augmentation and have chosen a surgeon with a good track record and one I felt comfortable with when I had my consultation. I've got another consultation with another surgeon just for comparison but I think I've made my mind up now. I'll keep this log updated as I go on this journey!

Good luck !

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. It's smart to go on more than one consult, just so you can learn about the other approaches out there. Then you never have to ask yourself "What if", either. Looking forward to reading more about your progress.

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From reading reviews and asking friends. I also spoke to some of his past patients.

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